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Solutions and Services

The Fujitsu Group strives to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through provision of ICT solutions. We offer solutions that assist in solving various social issues including reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and conservation of biodiversity, energy and resource conservation, security of food supply, urbanization, and disaster prevention.

Provision of Environmental Solutions

We offer our customers solutions that support implementation and advancement of environmental management to support their competitiveness and reduce environmental burden. (link to Japanese site)

GHG Emission Reduction through the Provision of ICT

ICT can help reduction of the amount of energy and resources used, movement of people and materials, and office space required for business operations, which eventuates into a reduction in GHG emissions. The Fujitsu Group has been increasing the contribution of its customers and society as a whole on the reduction of GHG emissions, by quantitatively assessing the amount of GHG emissions that can be reduced by adopting ICT.

Contribute to the resolution of various social and environmental issues. (Deploying Sustainability Solutions)

In addition to the reduction of GHG emissions, we contribute to solving various social and environmental issues through provision of ICT. The issues include the supply of resources, energy and food, social issues arising from urbanization, declining biodiversity, adaptation to climate change, and prevention of disasters.