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Our Customers and Society

ICT Solutions to Global Environmental Challenges

Fujitsu believes ICT has a major role to play in helping society address the world's environmental challenges. Beyond meeting today's demands, ICT has the power to connect people, enable sharing of knowledge and experience, and shape a safer, sustainable, and more prosperous tomorrow.

Fujitsu is taking a leadership role, proactively pursuing our goals across our entire global value chain, with customers, partners and suppliers. The Fujitsu Group strives to bring about a sustainable, prosperous society and this is at the very heart of the company's corporate philosophy.

Through our business activities, Fujitsu will continue to respond to these social and environmental challenges, by increasing the deployment of ICT sustainability products and solutions throughout society and developing new innovative technologies. These solutions reduce the environmental impact of our customers' businesses, especially energy consumption and carbon emissions, and include a wide range of applications, e.g. logistics optimization, energy management, Smart Grid, supercomputer-based simulation and data center optimization.


We are concerned with reducing environmental burdens from the initial policy formulation stages in our leading-edge R&D, and are continuously creating technologies that contribute to saving energy, the use of next-generation sources of energy, and creating social innovation.

Solutions and Services

We offer solutions that assist in solving various social issues including reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and conservation of biodiversity, energy and resource conservation, security of food supply, urbanization, and disaster prevention.


We strive to improve their environmental performance throughout their life cycles. In addition to conducting environmental assessment for all products, we constantly work on development of environment-conscious products concerning "energy saving", "resource saving", "contained chemical substances", and so on.

Social Activities

We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable and affluent society through its activities, with every employee working as a responsible corporate citizen.