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The Fujitsu Group as a whole promotes eco-design during the development of new products, and strives to improve their environmental performance throughout their life cycles. In addition to conducting environmental assessment for all products, we constantly work on development of environment-conscious products concerning "energy saving", "resource saving", "contained chemical substances", and so on.

More Energy-Efficient Products

As ICT becomes more common in our life, an increase in energy demand is expected. Fujitsu has been working on improving the energy efficiency of its products.

Resource Saving in Products

The importance of the "effective use of resources" is increasing globally. The Fujitsu Group has been working on reducing the amount of resources used in its products.

Reducing Specific Chemical Substances in Products

We cooperate with our business partners in striving for strict management of chemical substances whose use is restricted by laws and regulations in Japan and overseas, as well as of other potentially harmful substances.

Product Recycling

We are advancing collection and recycling of end-of-life ICT products from a global perspective to help create a recycling-minded society.

Green and Super Green Products

Our product development aims at providing "Green products" and "Super green products", products that possess the best eco-friendly features. It is our desire to realize reduction in the environmental burden caused by our customers and by society through adoption of such products.

Environmental Labeling and Information Disclosure

Environmental information about our products.

Disposal of Waste IT Equipments

Here is some information on recycling of Fujitsu products that are no longer used.