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Green and Super Green Products

The Fujitsu Group has established its Procedure for Product Environmental Green Assessment to further the development of environmentally conscious products. Products that meet these standards are designated as Green Products. We are constantly upgrading our Green Product Evaluation Standards in an effort to strengthen and improve the efficiency of our Green Product development.

To pursue the design of environmentally conscious products at a global level, we comply with the international IEC 62075 standard*1 and our own Eco Design Standard*2, which we established in 2011 to incorporate environmental and other market demands. Fujitsu PCs and servers are designed in Japan and Europe, based on these standards, and sold globally.

In developing new products, we work to create "Super Green Products." Super Green Products are those that meet the required conditions for Green Products and are also top-class in terms of low energy consumption and/or 3R design technology, non-use of hazardous substances, packaging materials and use of eco-friendly materials and technologies. Super Green Products are products or systems recognized as having environmental characteristics superior to those of others we supply or that are available on the market.

Overview of Mechanism for Green and Super Green Product Evaluation

*1 IEC 62075:
Standard on "Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment-Environmentally conscious design." This standard was published in 2008 and established as JIS C 9914 in 2010 in Japan.

*2 Covered products:
Personal computers, servers, and storage systems.

Carrying Out Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

The Fujitsu Group has made it obligatory to perform LCAs for all its Green Products. Calculation standards have been formulated for each product family, and the Group uses its own database*3 to evaluate the environmental burdens of its products.

We perform LCAs to determine which parts of a product's life cycle account for the greatest proportion of the environmental burden, so that we can effectively design environmentally friendly products. We also apply the expertise developed through our LCA activities to calculate the eco-efficiency factor, and are actively using this as a tool for communicating with our customers.

*3 Own database:
Our own unique database of unit values, created by Fujitsu Laboratories based on input-output tables.

ICT Database System for Management of the Environmentally Conscious Product Design

We use ICT systems for the preparation and registration of Product Environmental Green Assessments and LCAs. We use these systems to centrally manage information on aspects of environmentally conscious design related to legal and regulatory compliance; materials and chemical content of purchased components; efforts to make products smaller, lighter, or more energy efficient; ease of recycling and dismantling.