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Leading-Edge Green ICT R&D

We are concerned with reducing environmental burdens from the initial policy formulation stages in our leading-edge R&D, and are continuously creating technologies that contribute to saving energy, the use of next-generation sources of energy, and creating social innovation.

Our Approach

Promote the Development of Products and Services that Contribute to Lower Environmental Burdens

Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., which handles the Fujitsu Group's leading-edge green ICT R&D, has introduced the slogan "Further strengthen leading-edge green ICT R&D and contribute even more to Fujitsu Group business," and is pushing forward with R&D on technologies that can help lower environmental burdens. Approaching from both "Green of ICT" (aims at energy and resource conservation of equipment and infrastructure themselves) and "Green by ICT" (aims at reduction of environmental burdens by the use of ICT), we establish and implement environment-considered development policies in all our development works, from materials and devices, through to facilities, systems and solutions.

Basic Approach to R&D

Promoting the development of revolutionary leading-edge technologies with green ICT as a priority area

  • Energy-saving technologies for datacenters, networks and ubiquitous equipment
  • Technologies that create social innovation through coordination and utilization of heterogeneous data
  • Environmental solution technologies

Synergies between overall technology development and open innovation

  • Consolidation of elemental technologies from materials and devices to solutions
  • Global technology collaborations

Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan (Stage VII) Targets

Development of Innovative Technologies that Can Help to Lower the Environmental Burden of Solutions and Products

The amount of information flowing across the Internet is continually growing, and it is anticipated that there will be a rise in the amount of electricity consumed by ICT devices and related solutions and services, which support increasingly information-dependent social infrastructure. In addition, considering the growth of emerging economies and the re-examination of dependence on various energy resources, with a renewed awareness in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake, there is a pressing need to realize a sustainable, low-carbon society.

With R&D priorities in the domains of Ubiquitous Innovation, Social Innovation, IC Innovation, and Manufacturing Innovation, by developing environmentally valuable innovative technologies and through the provision and use of solutions, services, and products, Fujitsu Laboratories is contributing to the realization of an environmentally conscious, prosperous society.