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Our Business Operations

Environmentally Efficient Business Operations

Fujitsu, as a global ICT company, believe it is important that our business operations are as environmentally efficient as possible.

Fujitsu's business operations are supported across the globe by factories, data centers, R&D laboratories, offices, warehouses, support centres, and logistics and transport networks. Employing 170,000 people in more than 100 countries we are acutely conscious of the potential environmental impact of our business operations.

We strive constantly to minimize these impacts, including enforcing stringent environmental criteria in our procurement processes and working with our supply chain to help improve the sustainability of the products and services our suppliers provide.

Factories, Offices, Datacenters

We constantly work on reducing the amount of materials and energy used in our business operations, reducing the amount of chemicals, waste and air pollutants generated through our business operations, and minimizing production costs.

  • Efforts to Prevent Global Warming
  • Waste Management
  • Efficient Use of Water Resources
  • Chemical Substances Management
  • Prevention of Air, Water, Soil/Groundwater Pollution


Our green procurement with a centralized global procurement system


Our efforts to reduce transport-related CO2 emissions in our whole global supply chain