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Green Procurement

To provide our customers with products and services that have minimal environmental impact, the Fujitsu Group is promoting green procurement together with our business partners.

Fujitsu Group Green Procurement Direction

The Fujitsu Group has formalized its basic requirements regarding procurement of eco-friendly parts, materials, and products as the Fujitsu Group Green Procurement Direction, and is moving forward with green procurement activities together with business partners inside and outside Japan.

Green Procurement Requirements for Our Business Partners

We request that our business partners meet the following requirements to promote green procurement.

Establishment of Environmental Management Systems

We request our business partners to establish an EMS (*1) to ensure that they continuously implement environmental burden reduction activities. The level of their EMS (see the figure on the right) is assessed by an "Environmental activity survey". For business partners whose responses indicate a level-1 EMS, we offer the Fujitsu Group's own EMS (FJEMS (*2)) on request and encourage them to practice autonomous activities such as establishment of a third-party-certified EMS (level 3).

Overview of Establishment of EMSs for Green Procurement

*1 EMS:
Environmental management system

The Fujitsu Group's own EMS, which focuses on ISO14001 requirements and getting environmental protection activities based on a PDCA cycle to take root.

Promoting Efforts to Limit or Reduce CO2 Emissions

Drawing Up an Activity Evaluation Index

We have actively helped our business partners to determine what activities they should be taking and reach the point of being able to do so. We have, for example, provided tools for calculating CO2 emissions from electricity usage and for monitoring progress toward quantitative targets. We have also prepared guidelines providing basic information on protecting biodiversity along with explanations and examples of biodiversity protection activities, and created a check tool to promote awareness of biodiversity protection.

Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan (Stage VII) Targets

In the Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan (Stage VII), which began in FY 2013, the Fujitsu Group acknowledges that the limitation or reduction of CO2 emissions upstream in the value chain is an important issue that companies should address. We, therefore, will expand our environmental protection activities to include solution services and other non-component business partners. Regarding the conservation of biodiversity in particular, we will continue with our supplier-focused activities to reinforce the importance of protecting biodiversity, and pursue green procurement activities together with business partners.