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FY2003 Financial Results

(April 1, 2003 - March 31, 2004)


A summary of our financial results is provided in HTML format. The full report can be viewed as PDF files.


PDF Download All pages [52 pages, 211KB]

Part I : Financial Tables

  1. PDF Summary of FY2003 Full Year Consolidated Results [13KB]
  2. PDF Summary of FY2003 Fourth Quarter Consolidated Results and Consolidated Earnings Forecast for FY2004 [12KB]
  3. PDF Summary of FY2003 Full Year Unconsolidated Results and Unconsolidated Earnings Forecast for FY 2004 [13KB]
  4. PDF Full Year Consolidated Statement of Operations [13KB]
  5. PDF Explanation of Extraordinary Items [32KB]
  6. PDF Full Year Consolidated Business Segment Information [18KB]
  7. PDF Full Year Consolidated Geographic Segment Information [14KB]
  8. PDF Full Year Consolidated Balance Sheets [15KB]
  9. PDF Full Year Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows [13KB]
  10. PDF Marketable Securities [11KB]
  11. PDF Fourth Quarter Consolidated Statement of Operations [11KB]
  12. PDF Fourth Quarter Consolidated Business Segment Information [18KB]
  13. PDF Full Year Unconsolidated Statement of Operations [16KB]
  14. PDF Full Year Unconsolidated Appropriation of Retained Earnings and Other Capital Surplus [13KB]
  15. PDF Full Year Unconsolidated Balance Sheets [13KB]

Part II: Explanation of Financial Results

  1. PDF Overview [20KB]
  2. PDF Results by Business Segment [31KB]
  3. PDF Financial Condition [21KB]
  4. PDF Management Direction [24KB]
  5. PDF FY2004 Earnings Projections [15KB]

Part III : Supplementary Information

  1. PDF Forecast for FY2004 [31KB]
  2. PDF Exchange Rates and Employees [10KB]
  3. PDF Retirement Benefit Plan [15KB]
  4. PDF Environmental Accounting [17KB]

Streaming audio for analysts' briefing

Streaming audio for FY2003 Financial Results briefing is over.