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ETERNUS CS8000 is a datacenter solution for backup storage for mainframe and open systems. Its intelligent process automation and pooling of storage capacity reduces the TCO for complex backup environments by 40%. Unique scalability in capacity and performance makes ETERNUS CS8000 a viable solution, delivering ongoing cost savings.

Features & Benefits

Merkmale Vorteile
One consolidation platform for backup and archiving for open systems and mainframes

    • Thanks to complete consolidation all disk and tape target systems for mainframes and open systems enable large savings in infrastructure investments and costs of operation.
    • Combining VTL and the NAS option for backup, archiving and second-tier file storage in one appliance further increases operational efficiency
    • Integrated management of disks, deduplicated disk and tapes enables flexible service levels in terms of capacity, backup/restore speed and media costs
    • Integrated backup functionality for archive data and support for cloud gateway functionality enables protection and disaster recovery concepts for the archive and second-tier file storage
    Extremely scalable grid architecture

      • Flexible scalability of performance and capacity reduce high upfront pre-investments and support a pay-as-you grow approach
      • Allocate storage resources for data protection according to business priorities
      • Industry-leading backup and restore performance enable you to manage extreme data growth and volume without migration risks
      • Parallelization of deduplication processes delivers the performance headroom required to benefit from data reduction even in petabyte-scale environments
      Comprehensive high availability and disaster recovery capabilities

        • No single point of failure even for the deduplication store
        • Asynchronous replication and synchronous mirroring enable flexible DR concepts depending on remote distance and recovery time needs
        • Manages multiple data copies on local and remote targets to align the availability level of data with its importance to the business
        • Automated processes ensure a highly efficient DC operation, easy media migrations, scheduled media refreshes to prevent data corruption and the ability to eliminate fatal errors in highly complex data protection environments

        Technical details

        TypeDatacenter storage solution for backup automation
        Host connectivity optionsVTL
        VTL with Dedup
        Sustained Performance VTL (max.)150 TB/h
        RAID capacity7 TB - 22,272 TB
        Deduplication Store Option (usable)1 TB - 4,800 TB
        Virtual Tape Volumes (max.)3,000,000
        Number of Files2 Billion
        Physical Tape Libraries supported (max.)10

        For further information please see

        Data Sheet: ETERNUS CS8000 V6.1

        Case Studies

        • Deutschland , Industry: Fertigungsindustrie
          Linck Holzverarbeitungstechnik

          "Wir haben bei Fujitsu deutschsprachige Ansprechpartner vor Ort für Anfragen und Service. Das ist für uns ein entscheidendes Plus. Weitere sind ....." Tags: Data Center , ETERNUS CS Virtual Tape Sol.

        • Deutschland , Industry: Versicherung
          GEV deploys ETERNUS CS200C Powered by Commvault, gaining a fully integrated data protection appliance

          After performing an extensive evaluation of the systems available on the market, Grundeigentümer-Versicherung opted for the ETERNUS CS200c backup appliance from Fujitsu. This was mainly due to the high degree of integration in the system, which combines hardware and software. Tags:

        • Ireland , Industry: Finanzdienstleister
          DEPFA build an entire IT Infrastructure from scratch with Fujitsu IT Products and Managed Infrastructure Services

          With the prospect of separation from its parent company, as mandated by the German government, DEPFA needed to build its own IT operating platform from scratch, covering all infrastructure aspects, data centre, telephony, networks and application support and development functions to support banking applications for trading and payments. Tags: IT infrastructure

        • Germany , Industry: Insurance
          Munich Re – Backup-Restore-Lösung auf Basis ETERNUS CS High End

          Munich Re ist in allen Versicherungssparten aktiv und mit rund 45.000 Mitarbeitern auf allen Kontinenten vertreten. Rückversicherung, Erstversicherung und Munich Health – auf diesen drei Säulenbasiert das Geschäft von Munich Re. Die Gruppe kombiniertErst- und Rückversicherung unter einem Dach und erzielte damit im Geschäftsjahr 2012 einen Gewinn in Höhe von 3,211 Milliarden Euro bei Beitragseinnahmen von zirka 52 Milliarden Euro. Tags: IT infrastructure , Storage Solutions

        • Germany , Industry: Financial Services
          Sparda-Datenverarbeitung eG

          Die Sparda-Banken sind eine Gruppe von zwölf regionalen Genossenschaftsbanken, die in Deutschland mit rund 7.000 Mitarbeitern in über 400 Filialen 3,4 Millionen Mitglieder betreuen. Alle zwölf Sparda-Banken sowie die netbank, die erste Internetbank in Europa, greifen auf IT-Services der Sparda-Datenverarbeitung eG (SDV) mit Sitz in Nürnberg zurück. Tags: Storage Solutions


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