Packet Optical Networking

Packet Optical Networking changes the game for next generation IP networking by providing a universal aggregation and transport infrastructure that underlies all current and future Ethernet and IP services. Packet Optical Networking Platforms are enabling service providers to offer unprecedented TDM-equivalent Ethernet services and the most efficient, cost-effective, and forward-looking infrastructure for residential broadband, mobile backhaul, and enterprise services delivery.

Packet Optical Networking is the technology of choice for IP-centric aggregation and transport infrastructure networking. This technology is a logical evolution of ROADM and MSPP-based networking that delivers large-scale deterministic Ethernet aggregation. Packet Optical Networking integrates Connection-oriented Ethernet and SONET aggregation with ROADM-based WDM transport to deliver unprecedented infrastructure networking efficiency. Eliminating unnecessary network elements and cost. This technology is being embraced by a large number of service providers and equipment manufacturers as the foundation for the next-generation network.

Packet Optical Networking Platforms (Packet ONPs) are a fused progression of conventional ROADM and MSPP transport platforms with advanced Connection-oriented Ethernet aggregation capabilities. Packet ONPs offer a unique combination of the most highly integrated hardware available to eliminate the cost and complexity of multiple legacy elements while running simple software to maintain high reliability, simple provisioning, and low cost of ownership.

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