Managed NOC services

Managed NOC services

Put Fujitsu's world-class NOC to work for you

Keeping today’s complex, multivendor networks running smoothly requires the capabilities and staff of a dedicated NOC. Or take advantage of Fujitsu’s Managed NOC services and provide customers the 24/7 monitoring, assessment and response of a world-class NOC—without any of the extra headaches and costs.

Our world-class, on-shore NOC is designed for continuous monitoring of multivendor networks. The facility is ISO 9000-certified for network operations and ISO 27001-certified as a secure operational network. We currently manage approximately 129,000 access points and 300 million network events each year, supporting customer networks with full application, hardware, and geographic redundancy.

As an end-to-end managed network solution, Fujitsu Managed NOC services provide a flexible, cost-effective alternative to in-house NOC capabilities: 24/7 monitoring, assessment, and response—without the extra headaches and costs.

Customize your NOC-as-a-Service solution

A Fujitsu NOC-as-a-service solution gives you access to a wide range of capabilities that you can customize to meet your unique needs and those of your customers. A range of value-added optional services is available to customize a Managed NOC solution for your customers, or to augment your own in-house capabilities as needed.

Looking for a certified NOC facility to monitor and manage a new a network service offering while you get if off the ground? Fujitsu can provide a complete managed NOC solution and then transfer part or all of the responsibility to you once the service is up and running. It’s a great way to ensure smooth deployment and initial Day 2 management—minus the cost and effort of setting up on your own.

Pre-Engineered Provisioning

Pre-Engineered Provisioning

Routine moves/adds/changes are categorized by complexity and executed remotely from the Fujitsu NOC facility.



Using real-time threat detection and forensics, we assess network security, recommending preventive steps based on criticality, industry standards, and regulatory requirements.

Unparalleled Experience

Unparalleled Experience

As the world’s third-largest ICT network provider, Fujitsu has the global strength and technical expertise to support you and your customers like no one else.

Value-Add Optional NOC Services

Level 2 Performance Management:

Proactive monitoring, trend monitoring/notification and advanced SLAs based on threshold settings, latency, utilization and QoS/ToS/CoS

Electronic Bonding of Ticketing Systems

Engineering Services:

Design layout record/circuit layout record, capacity management and circuit resource management

Advanced Hardware Replacement:

Fujitsu-owned/Fujitsu-managed, customer-owned/Fujitsu-managed.

Advanced Reporting:

Network changes, incident history, inventory tracking, topology maps, post mortem

On-Site Maintenance:

Break/Fix service, annual, semi-annual or quarterly preventive maintenance

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Managed NOC services

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