Overcome power & footprint challenges at cell sites

Packet xHaul solutions

Packet xHaul solutions

Optimal transport for macrocell & small-cell sites

Whether you’re looking to improve fiber availability, provide bandwidth for new spectrum, or conserve space and power, Fujitsu packet xHaul solutions can help solve your challenges.

Fujitsu Smart xHaul solutions feature the HFR flexiHaul portfolio, available in both Optical xHaul and Packet xHaul. These solutions offer Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and wireline service providers half the footprint and lower cost for 4G, 5G, and Ethernet services over multiple 100G paths.

Packet xHaul in a condensed footprint at lower cost

Packet xHaul solutions provide a low-latency, high reliability packet transport option for a high-performance, cost-cutting Centralized and Distributed Radio Access Network (C-RAN/D-RAN) architecture.

Packet xHaul solutions

High reliability

High reliability

Low latency

Low latency



Scalable & flexible

Scalable & flexible

Multiple topologies”  title=

Multiple topologies

Agile, scalable solutions for a mix of topologies

Fujitsu’s Packet xHaul portfolio is a highly agile option for 5G and edge transport, supporting a mix of topologies, indoor/venue or outdoor operation, and high channel scaling. Topologies include point-to-point and hub-and-spoke, in active or semi-active configurations.

Packet xHaul solutions feature temperature-hardened platforms that can operate at -40 °C to +65 °C and are ideal for high-speed, low-latency transport at both macrocell and small-cell sites. For MNOs needing a solution for fiber exhaust, the packet-based fiber relief system offers up to 40 channels transported over multiple 100G paths.


  • Semi-active configuration

    Semi-active configuration

    Overcome power and footprint challenges at cell sites
  • Leverage an existing 4G network

    Leverage an existing 4G network

    Quickly and efficiently support transport for 5G services
  • Temperature-hardened network elements

    Temperature-hardened network elements

    4G and 5G coexistence in fronthaul, midhaul, and backhaul
  • Time-Sensitive Networking

    Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)

    Options available
  • Zero-touch provisioning

    Zero-touch provisioning (ZTP)

    Simplify installation and migration, preserve investment
  • Intuitive GUI controls

    Intuitive GUI controls

    Simplify element management

Packet xHaul Platform

flexiHaul M6424

A TSN-based solution to address urgent packet xHaul requirements, including delivering higher performance and cost-effective access services on a converged Ethernet access network.

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Packet xHaul Smart Optics
Packet xHaul Smart Optics

Packet xHaul Smart Optics

Innovative, automated self-tuning for rapid service deployment, remote visibility option, and fiber relief

Smart Tunable Optics
Smart Optics Comparison

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