End-to-end network service management & orchestration

1Finity T600 transport blade

Service orchestration is the heartbeat of the multidomain network

Networks are getting bigger and more complex with the number of devices, appliances, and sensors growing from millions to billions. Modern networks need modern applications that have access to network resources and its distributed data to help manage that complexity, and help provide faster value realization and more service differentiation.

Fujitsu orchestration applications provide network and service orchestration for multidomain, multivendor environments. These applications instruct service paths, gateways, routers, and security groups of multiple connected network configurations using open and standard APIs. This can include orchestrating southbound devices, other element management systems, microapplications, northbound applications, as well as “east-west” system integrations and applications.

End-to-end service orchestration enables automation from the RAN to the mobile core

All of this enables new capabilities like zero touch provisioning in virtualized networks with dynamic network slicing. Network operators with modernized IT infrastructure and underlay networks will be able to introduce new capabilities to the network with policy-driven network management and automation applications that configure, balance, scale, and even restart NEs without impacting service delivery.

Combining orchestration and management with neural network models powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence from the RAN to the 5G+ core, can turn network operations into a revenue growth engine.

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