The hyper-reliable network

1FINITY™ Ultra Optical System

1FINITY™ Ultra Optical System

Terabit optical networking

The 1FINITY™ Ultra Optical System incorporates the latest ROADM and transponder technologies.

With the 1FINITY™ Ultra Optical System, more is less. More wavelengths per fiber, more bits per wavelength — less effort to install, operate and maintain the network, and less power consumed per bit transported.

Extreme performance and hyper-reliability – welcome to the age of terabit optical networking.

What’s next for regional & long-haul networks?

Extreme scale and performance

Extreme scale and performance

  • Up to 150 Gbaud Digital Signal Processor (DSP) at 1.2 Tbps, upgradeable to 1.6 Tbps
  • 2× wavelengths per fiber in half the footprint with continuous C+L band
  • Increase reach or capacity up to 40% with forward Raman

Automated operations

Automated operations

  • Up to 92% less cabling with innovative architecture
  • Cuts ROADM installation time from days to hours
  • Automation-optimized wavelength performance
  • Automated fiber characterization

Enhanced sustainability

Enhanced sustainability

  • 70% lower power consumption than today’s systems
  • Liquid cooling for lower operating temperatures
  • Reduced fan speed for 50% quieter operation
The ideal balance of cost, reach & capacity - simplified

1FINITY Ultra Optical System


The 1FINITY Ultra Optical System uses next-generation technology, which employ terabit speeds, liquid cooling, continuous C+L scaling, forward Raman amplification, and AI/ML automation to simplify operations and optimize system performance.

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1FINITY Ultra Optical System
The coherent DSP evolution: enabling 800G waves everywhere


The coherent DSP evolution: enabling 800G waves everywhere

Our latest white paper explains how next-generation Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) can help operators build a better optical network.

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Fireside Chat with Rod Naphan

What technologies are driving growth in the long-haul market?
Why is it the right time to invest in long-haul?
CTO Rod Naphan answers and describes how the 1FINITY Ultra Optical System evolves existing architecture to employ terabit speeds.

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What technologies are driving growth in the long-haul market?

Extreme scale & performance, enhanced sustainability

1Finity Ultra Optical System - Extreme scale & performance

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