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Corporate Social Responsibility

About Us - Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Fujitsu Network Communications creates value together with our customers and the communities where we do business. We contribute to sustainable development for the earth and society, functioning as responsible corporate neighbors seeking to build a prosperous future where people's dreams can be fulfilled.

Environmental Stewardship

To help sustain a healthy environment for future generations, we make environmental protection a top priority. In 2018, we began using green power equal to 50% of our purchased electricity. This is a critical contribution in helping Fujitsu achieve 100% renewable energy across all companies and locations by 2050, a commitment solidified by Fujitsu’s recent decision to join the Climate Group’s RE100 initiative.

Community Giving and Involvement

Fujitsu encourages corporate and individual commitment to community causes and initiatives, including education; cultural arts; civics and social services. As a longstanding member of the Telecom Corridor in Richardson, Texas. We at Fujitsu Network Communications organize charitable giving campaigns and volunteer opportunities throughout the year, benefiting charities throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to a diverse and empowered workforce drawn from the widest talent pools. Fujitsu is a workplace where all feel welcome and, because we work actively to promote respect and inclusion, where all are comfortable and accepted. We believe in the power of equality to create a better future for everyone not just as a matter of principle, but because diversity makes everyone stronger.