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Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility - Fujitsu Network Communications

Community involvement that supports global values with local action

The Fujitsu Group actively cooperates with regional and local communities to pursue unique activities around the world. Fujitsu aims to answer the challenges facing society through both global and local action. Here at Fujitsu Network Communications, we share Fujitsu’s strong sense of community and are active in a wide range of local community causes and initiatives. Our employees are supported by our donation matching program, and give generously of their time and resources to support a wide range of organizations and programs:

  • Food pantry donations
  • Clothing, toy, and gift drives
  • STEAM education advocacy
  • Women/children/minorities advocacy
  • Disability advocacy
  • Gendercide awareness
  • Community environmental initiatives
  • Disaster/emergency preparedness
  • Animal welfare
ujitsu global community policy & programs

Fujitsu global community policy & programs

Learn more about Fujitsu’s global commitments to diversity, equality, and community causes

A vibrant culture that celebrates diversity & equality

On a global level, Fujitsu aspires to be a responsible business that reflects our diverse world. Fujitsu Network Communications shares in this aspiration and has firmly established diversity and equality within our workplace. We pride ourselves in an inclusive and equitable culture where everyone belongs and can be completely themselves. We celebrate difference and want to ensure that all employees can succeed, regardless of their personal identity or characteristics.

Learn more about Fujitsu’s global goals and policies for an inclusive corporate culture by visiting the Fujitsu global diversity, equality & inclusion page.

Fujitsu Network Communications sponsors several Employee Resource Groups/Employee Inclusion Networks (ERGs/EINs) to support employees

Abilities Beyond Limitations (ABLe)

Abilities Beyond Limitations (ABLe)
Supporting employees directly or indirectly affected by visible or invisible disabilities

Black Employee Inclusion Network Group (BEING)

Black Employee Inclusion Network Group (BEING)
Embracing and empowering Black employees and elevating Black culture

Classroom to Corporate (C2C)

Classroom to Corporate (C2C)
Resources and connections to help new graduates get on board, grow, and succeed

LatinX Link

LatinX Link
Ensuring that Fujitsu values and celebrates Latin diversity


Ensuring all employees feel safe and protected regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity

Women’s Innovative Network (WIN)

Women’s Innovative Network (WIN)
Empowering women to achieve their full potential

Human Rights and DE&I - Fujitsu Network Communications

Abilities Beyond Limitations - FNC

Black Employee Inclusion Network Group (BEING) - FNC

Classroom to Corporate (C2C) - FNC

LatinX Link - FNC

PRIDE - Fujitsu

Women’s Innovative Network (WIN) - Fujitsu Network Communications

Wheel diversity equality graphic - FNC

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