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Onsite Service

Geared towards business critical support of customers whose scanning is an integral part of their business operations, our On-Site repair services are focused on fixing your equipment on the first visit. Onsite Services include:

  • Visit by a trained technician carrying a scanner specific spare parts kit
  • Equipment repairs performed on your premises
  • Spare Parts, Labour & Travel costs

Different service levels are available including:

  • Next Business Day
  • 8 Hour Response
  • 8 Hour Response, 8 Hour Fix
  • 4 Hour Response, 4 Hour Fix (upon request)

Our unique approach enables the technician to repair virtually any fault on the first visit, meeting or exceeding the service level of the Product Warranty or Service Plan that has been purchased. The key benefit is that first visit fixes are achieved, returning equipment to operational in the shortest timeframe. This reduces customer downtime, associated customer operating costs and enables Fujitsu to reduce its carbon footprint by cutting out second visits.

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Onsite Service Availability

Product Group Product Warranty Service Plan
ScanSnap Scanners Nicht verfügbarnot available Nicht verfügbarnot available
Workgroup, Departmental & Network Scanners Nicht verfügbarnot available Verfügbarincluded in Bronze Service Plans (3 years)
Low-Volume Production Scanners Verfügbarincluded in Product Warranty ( 1 year) Verfügbaravailable in all Service Plans (3 years)
Mid-Volume Production Scanners Verfügbarincluded in Product Warranty (1 year) Verfügbaravailable in all Service Plans (3 years)

Visit our product warranty & service plans pages to compare warranty and service plans.