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Optimising your Scanning Speed


If your scanning speed is lower than expected:

The most common contributor to slow scanning speed is the specification of the host PC. In particular, please check the following:

  • CPU type & speed
  • RAM installed
  • Pagefile size
  • Other running applications. If using the scanner in a production environment (e.g. constant scanning operation) a dedicated PC is most suitable.

As a general rule a faster CPU (Dual, Quad or Hex) and a larger RAM is better.

Scanning directly to a storage location that is not on the host PC (e.g. a shared network drive) will have a huge impact on scanning speed. We do not recommend you attempt this.

Some Anti-Virus packages may be set or configured by default to attempt to scan files that are created on the host PC and can cause the scanning process to slow down. If your Anti-Virus package is doing this we recommend that you exclude the folder to which your scanned images are being written.

Another common contributor is settings being used in the application or driver. For example, in the Fujitsu TWAIN Driver:

  • Caching – This relates to memory use on the Scanner and/or host PC. Providing your PC is a good specification, selecting “Use both Memory” (PC & Scanner Memory) may provide performance improvements but is subject to memory availability on the host PC.
    (Note: this is available on all fi-5xxx series except fi-5015C and fi-5110C. This function is supported on all fi-6xxx series except fi-6010N)
  • Image Enhancing/Processing functions – The TWAIN Driver contains many image enhancement features such as:
    • Hole Punch Removal
    • White Edge Filler
    • Rotation
    • Crop
    • Deskew
    • Despeckle
    • Advanced DTC (Dynamic Threshold Control)

Note: same or similar functions can be found in the ISIS driver if your application uses ISIS instead of TWAIN.

Scanning with all image processing functions enabled requires more post image processing and can slow down the scanning speed, especially if the host PC is not of a high specification. It is therefore recommended to disable functions that are not required for your document types.