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Maintaining Good Image Quality

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Image quality can be affected by heavy dust, chemicals, toner particles, inks or paper dyes. It can also be affected by smears or scratches on the glass surface of the optical units.

To obtain and maintain best image quality:

  • Ensure you follow the steps outlined in Batch Preparation to remove staples and paper dust and Routine Cleaning & Daily Care to keep surfaces clean, especially the glass of the optical units (which act as cameras).
  • Default settings are compatible with the widest range of document types. However, they are defaults and if these settings do not output the quality you are looking for you should experiment with the driver settings and/or application settings to achieve the level of output you require.
  • PaperStream Capture logoInstall your free copy of PaperStream IP and PaperStream Capture, which are supplied with all models upwards of the fi-6130. The advanced technology in PaperStream can improve certain scanned images, increasing productivity and efficiency.