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Contact Support - Scanners

Contact the Support team


Before contacting Technical Support, please ensure you have the following information ready or our support agents will be unable to open your support ticket.

  1. Scanner Model
  2. Scanner Part Number More details
  3. Scanner Serial Number More details
  4. Contact Person’s Name
  5. Address where the scanner is located (including post/zip code)
  6. Contact Telephone Number
  7. Contact Email Address
  8. Operating System being used
  9. A description of the problem or error message that has been encountered  

You can contact our support team using the Online Support FormOpen a new window or by Telephone .

Technical Support Process

Upon contacting support and opening a support ticket;

  • You will be asked further relevant questions to help us diagnose and resolve your issue .
  • Our Support Agent may offer you a Remote Desktop Support session. This is intended to provide extra assistance to customers who are less knowledgeable about computers, devices and software. It will allow the Support Agent to troubleshoot settings and obtain important support information, such as software versions, on your behalf while you watch on your screen. A secure connection to this service can only be made with your permission via an on-screen prompt and with permission from the owner of the computer or the IT Administrator. More information on Remote Desktop Support including security, can be found here .
  • The most commonly reported issues (approx 50%) are related to document feeding or image quality and can normally be resolved by the customer through cleaning or changing the consumables. The Support Agent can advise on what to do in these circumstances. Following the Support Agents advice allows a very high percentage of customers to quickly get back to their important work with a minimum of disruption
  • If you are experiencing feeding issues, you will be asked to provide the "Lifetime Scan Count" More details and "Consumable CountMore details from your scanner. If you are experiencing image quality issues you will be asked to send a copy of an image that exhibits the issue you are experiencing (e.g. JPEG, TIFF, BMP or PDF format). The support agent will provide you with an email address where you can send your images
  • If your issue cannot be resolved by our Support Agents and requires a Service Intervention the Support Agent will need to verify if your product is within its Warranty period or covered by an active Service Plan. If we are unable to verify your Warranty or Service Entitlement you may be asked to provide a proof of purchase before any service intervention is organised