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Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 in Schools


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"It's amazing you can scan a paper copy and it magically appears in Word or Excel"
(Linda Honess, Teacher, Castledyke Primary School)
"It's just so easy, and you can scan lots of papers through into one file."
(Helen Rodgers, Administrator, George Spencer Academy)


Naace, the Education Technology Association, with the support of Fujitsu, have explored with a range of primary, secondary and special schools, the importance of being able to digitise materials. This was particularly focused on the educational need to capture evidence of pupils' progress, but also explored other needs to digitise in the school. The outcomes of this project are reported in a white paper and in short videos in which the teachers explain the educational imperatives to digitise materials, which are available on the Naace website. All the teachers interviewed felt that the ability for teachers to digitise pupils' work is very important, for a number of reasons.

The point has been reached for schools where storing information digitally must be the norm. All who have dealings with the school - teachers, parents, governors, the senior leadership team and people in the community are now nearly all able to access the Internet. There is no reason to keep information stored on paper and every reason not to. Speed of access, ease of access and ability to use the information are allimeasurably enhanced whe information is made digital.

There is also huge pressure on schools to make their operations as time-effective as possible. With many schools facing budget cuts the efficiency of office staff and minimising the time teachers spend on record keeping is critical. Getting information online is a key part of this, but it is not possible to be fully paper-less, some things that come into school such as invoices, timesheets and documents for the Head and teachers still come in on paper. And many things produced in the school will still happen on paper, such as tests done by pupils and work that needs to be saved to show the school is reaching accountability measures. A bridge to make these things digital is vital, ideally in a way that makes it possible to amend them and to incorporate them into records.

The Fujitsu iX500 is particularly suited to this job. It has advanced features that both save large amounts of time and make information much more usable:

  • It is 'plug and play' and exceptionally easy to use, making it possible for part-tme office staff with little experience of computers to use it.
  • It doesn't require scans to be individually adjusted, it automatically produces the best quality scan through a host of automated settings.
  • It rapidly scans whole sets of papers, such as timesheets, invoices, or pupils' work, enabling these to be captured in a single file. This is a huge improvement on scanners that require papers to be individually placed for scanning.
  • The software can produce working files from paper copies. This amazing feature has numerous uses. It enables paper timesheets to scanned into a spreadsheet and then be automatically totalled. Documents that need to go on the school website or be circulated to all staff can be scanned into Word so that they can be amended as necessary.

The comments gained from schools through the Naace investigation of into how and why pathfinder schools digitise pupils' work and office documents clearly show how important they consider this. What these schools are doing today all schools will soon be doing.

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Thanks are due to:

  • Beechwood Park School
  • Castledyke Primary School
  • George Spencer Academy
  • TheLipson Cooperative Academy
  • Saint Margaret's Preparatory School
  • Slated Row School


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