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Michael Anvoner & Company

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  • Complex documentation means mounds of paperwork
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Fujitsu helps solicitors better their customer service

Michael Anvoner & Company is a niche UK based solicitors practice. It specialises in private client law and deals with wills, probates, estate planning and older client affairs. Established over 20 years ago and with an extensive client base, the solicitors of Michael Anvoner & Company have extensive experience in organising and managing the estates of their clients.

The type of law that Michael Anvoner & Company specialises in can often be a very complicated matter. It involves a lot of documentation and many different parties to deal with. As such, the lawyers have to be on top of every aspect of the case and client information. Due to the immense amount of paperwork involved, a problem often arises with quick and effective access to important documentation when time is of the essence.

As a result, Michael Anvoner, Principal Solicitor at Michael Anvoner & Company decided to implement an efficient method of customer service – virtual filing. By instantly scanning all of the documentation as soon as it is received, the solicitors are able to store the 'soft copy' onto the computer, where it is saved into a file which can be accessed quickly.

Speedy response to client queries is key
Because of the nature of the job, most of the duties of the solicitors at Michael Anvoner & Company involve ensuring the wishes in the wills of past relatives. As a result, clients are often distraught and require answers to their questions immediately. If their individual solicitor who knows the specifics of their case is not available at the time, it may be become problematic. The client might not have the time and patience for the individual to look for the correct file.

Michael Anvoner notes; "The clients who have queries on the phone are often at their most vulnerable. This is because we are dealing with the administration of the estate of a relative that has died. In this instance, the individual taking the call will have to sort through the files until they come across the right documentation."

Virtual filing provides the answer
Virtual filing is a term used to describe the record keeping method used at Michael Anvoner & Company. This is a form of filing where a virtual rendition of the clients' case files, correspondence and contacts are saved securely on a central server that can be accessed by all members of the legal team.

Michael Anvoner quote

Anvoner adds; "If a person dealing with a particular client's case is not in the office at that time of the call, anyone else on the team can deal with it because they have a virtual file of the client's case. Every time we issue and receive a correspondence on a probate matter, it is saved both in the virtual file and in a physical one. Everything is saved in the virtual folder exactly the way it is in the physical one."

Lawyers consult the ScanSnap
To assist with the virtual filing, Michael Anvoner & Company looked to Fujitsu and their S510 ScanSnap range scanner. The ScanSnap is a 50 sheet ADF powered scanner that can scan documents up to 18 pages per minute at 150dpi and 36 images per minute if double sided. With the ScanSnap, the user has the choice to scan directly to Adobe PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint 2003 or standard image viewers.

Anvoner decided on the ScanSnap S510 because of its features and capabilities. He explains; "I read a review of it and it really looked ahead of its time." After using the ScanSnap, Anvoner was pleased with the results.

"What's wonderful about the ScanSnap S510 is its speed and the fact that it is so efficient that every time we get any correspondence from a party, we can scan it and save it in the appropriate folder. This way when answering a call, any person can access the virtual file and answer the client's query right away instead of physically getting up to search for the relevant file or taking a message and ringing back. It saves us a load of time and makes the client very happy because they can get instant answers from us" continues Anvoner.

Additional benefits
Aside from enabling a digital filing system, the ScanSnap also provides additional benefits to Michael Anvoner & Company. By digitalising client files, the practice is moving ever closer towards better customer service. This is saving both internal costs and the costs to the client. Anvoner notes; "Using the scanner is so simple that you don't need any technical or IT experience to operate it. The lawyers and paralegals are able to do it and at no cost to the client because we don't need any designated technical personnel to scan letters."

Anvoner is also impressed with how compact the device is – "it is a fabulous piece of kit that really helps us with our work. It has a very small footprint in that it sits comfortably on everybody's desk."

The speed and ease of use is a deciding factor in Anvoner's decision to invest in more ScanSnaps. He notes; "The ultimate aim is to have one scanner on everyone's desk, legal, secretarial and support staff."

Andrew Cowling, Senior Marketing Services Executive at Fujitsu Europe says of the use: "This is a great example of how technology can play a part in sensitive client situations. Businesses such as Michael Anvoner & Company tend to deal with a lot of paper and files, so I'm pleased that Fujitsu scanners are enabling them to do the best for their clients."

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