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Hybrid IT – Enabling Future-Ready Financial Services

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Strike the right balance with Fujitsu Hybrid IT

Today, organisations sector-wide are experiencing the effects of digital disruption, and nowhere has the impact been more keenly felt than within the traditional financial services sector. In the new digital age, there are many challenges service providers must overcome if they are to keep pace with change and ahead of the competition.

To help customers within the financial sector, Fujitsu recently ran a webinar entitled; A Guide To Hybrid IT For Future Ready Financial Services.
Reghister Webinar

Webinar Summary

Listen to this insightful webinar by Ian Bradbury, CTO, Financial Services , EMEIA and Brad Mallard, CTO, Hybrid IT, EMEIA where you will discover:

  • Why long term survival in the digital age requires a balance of cloud and legacy technology
  • Examples of where organisations have failed to roll our Hybrid IT correctly
  • How to manage the complexity of Hybrid IT
  • How to excite your executives and take the first steps towards Hybrid IT maturity

The Fujitsu solution

Faced with these challenges, financial service providers need the infrastructure to innovate, and at Fujitsu, we believe that Hybrid IT is the answer. It offers service providers a way to get the best of all worlds: traditional, cloud and digital. With our perfect balance of Cloud and on-premises IT, we enable you to manage your legacy systems alongside cloud-based services to:

  • reach new levels of operational efficiency and reliability
  • cut complexity and risk while increasing security and compliance
  • enhance your customer and employee experiences
  • drive costs down… and growth up

Financial Services Insights

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