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Digital eXperience Center

Discover. Experience. Co-create.

The Digital eXperience Center (DXC) offers you an interactive experience to discover the possibilities and benefits that digital technologies bring to your business. Through hands-on demonstrations, case studies, and exchange of ideas, we want to co-create innovative solutions to help you meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Each visit to the DXC is unique. A customized agenda put together by our team of experts will ensure discussions are focused to your needs, and ideas can turn into actions.

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Human-Centric Technology

Data is the currency of today’s highly digitalized society and economy. Using sensors to collect information of business, people, and things, and analyzing them using advanced algorithms and AI, we seek to build a human centric intelligent society.

This seeks to improve the quality of life, productivity at work, and create better experience for people. We can make sense of the vast amount of information which were previously not possible to aid people in their decision-making, and in acquiring new skills and knowledge.

These are some areas of the innovative solutions you can expect at our DXC.

smart city
     Smart City
smart factory
                  Smart Factory
smart building

                                Smart Building
smart healthcare
   Smart Healthcare
smart transport
smart retail
                                  Smart Retaill

Plan your visit to the DXC with our team of experts today!  

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