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High Performance Computing Diversifying

High Performance Computing (HPC) has been traditionally associated with simulations for crash tests, seismic modelling of oil reservoirs, scientific researches, etc. While this still holds true, HPC has diversified and now delves into areas such as data analytics and artificial intelligence. Data analytics started to enter the HPC context as IoT instrumentation brought new data streams that could refine and revise modelling. Cluster architectures optimized mainly for large data analysis emerged. Even more recently there has been rampant usage seen in the AI space. Machine learning algorithms, accelerated with the latest generations of HPC technology, offer new potential for processing large data volumes more rapidly, become more adaptable to new forms of data, and reveal previously hidden information.

FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX reduces complexity and risk, shortens time to value and reduces cost. PRIMEFLEX for HPC solutions is an optimized framework for HPC which incorporates hardware, software components and services providing a complete solution.
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HPC Simplicity and Expertise.

Simplicity broadens the accessibility of tools, letting more users and projects benefit from scalable simulation. This is delivered through a dedicated HPC software environment in the solution, and particularly the Fujitsu Gateway intuitive web-based user workplace.

Gateway provides the Application Platform for your business. Applications from batch simulation to interactive visualization can be onboarded to form a single coherent system where users can organize and monitor their entire workloads, seamlessly on- and off-premise. With the Gateway Process Mapper end-users can then link these application services to define the workflows they need for their projects.

Simplicity and Expertise makes a powerful combination that drives real business transformation. With PRIMEFLEX for HPC cluster solutions, organizations can really leverage this potential and put HPC firmly within mainstream business operations.

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PRIMEFLEX for HPC – Your benefits

  • Designed for your workload specific requirements
    PRIMEFLEX for HPC helps meet your demands by providing validated reference architectures for HPC cluster solutions. Optimized for specific industries, workloads and ISV applications.

  • Ease of use for Beginners and Experts
    HPC Simplicity lowers entry barriers and makes HPC accessible to a much wider set of end-users, including sectors just starting with HPC.

  • Lower investment costs compared to self-integration of an individual HPC Cluster

Why Fujitsu

Fujitsu is one of the leading developers of Supercomputers, HPC Solutions for decades and are now in the forefront of providing Deep Learning or AI solutions to customers.

Optimized Solutions for Your Applications - PRIMEFLEX for HPC provides a set of reference architectures which help organizations fast-track their time in implementing value solutions for their end-users.

Consulting & Development - A global HPC competency network supports and further develops the full range of PRIMEFLEX for HPC solutions
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