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Citrix and Fujitsu have a long and successful track record of over 12 years of collaboration with a focus on application and desktop virtualization - a new strategic method for delivering desktops to all users in the enterprise. Fujitsu and Citrix are taking desktop virtualization to a whole new level with the delivery of Virtual Client Computing (VCC) and Virtual Client Services (VCS) - our innovative no-compromise desktop virtualization offerings with intelligent performance, cost-saving manageability and best-in-class security backed by comprehensive consulting and integration services.


  • Citrix is Fujitsu’s preferred partner for Virtual Client Computing and the key enabling technology for Virtual Client Services
  • Case Studies:
    • Desktop virtualization with XenDesktop at AmpegaGerling
    • Server virtualization with XenServer at Muldentalkliniken


  • Enterprise and government customers around the world can rely on Fujitsu to deliver complete, comprehensive, and top-quality Dynamic Infrastructure products, solutions and services - building on Citrix’ core ideas and technologies for virtualizing applications, servers and desktops.
  • Client, server and storage products developed by Fujitsu and certified by Citrix ensure optimized productivity and efficiency, and significantly reduce operating expenses.