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  • SanDisk is our Partner for flash based – products and solutions
    • for High Performance - Server application acceleration
    • Flash Appliances for SAP and Oracle
    • Virtualization
  • This successful and long term partnership will be further enlarged. Fujitsu customers will have access to the complete portfolio of flash based products and solutions.


  • Long term partnership with SanDisk in terms of flash technology
    • PCIe Flash Cards 
  • Enlargement of this strategic partnership with
    • ION Software on a certified Fujitsu – server platform
    • Enterprise class SSD solutions
    • SAP Sybase ASE Appliance


  • Fujitsu and SanDisk are supporting small, medium and large enterprises with fast, secure and reliable flash based products and solutions. The performance improvement of applications, virtualized environments and databases can be combined with a cost effective and centralized management of the deployed flash technology. Services from Fujitsu can be additional applied.