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Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid IT - delivering the perfect balance of services

Fujitsu Hybrid Cloud blends internal IT systems with cloud powered services to deliver better business outcomes. It seamlessly integrates private, public and managed cloud with your existing on-premises IT, to improve agility and accessibility.
No one does Hybrid Cloud better than us. Our approach provides flexibility, scalability, cost control, security and appropriate governance. Globally we have;
  • a network of over 30 cloud platforms
  • over 5,000 large scale implementations
  • Uptime Institute’s Tier III Standard data center certification
  • public cloud availability measured at 99.99986%

Managing Cloud alongside traditional IT - MetaArc and Fujitsu Cloud K5

Our Hybrid approach supports business transformation, growth, innovation and competitiveness across industry sectors. However, to be truly effective, cloud based services and legacy systems must first be effectively integrated.
Our digital Business Platform MetaArc , provides the tools necessary to integrate, orchestrate and manage cloud services alongside traditional IT. With MetaArc we reduce the complexity and risk of managing a hybrid environment, and enable you to maximize your existing IT investment.
The foundation of our MetaArc platform is built on Cloud Service K5, our next generation cloud platform which provides efficient and cost effective enterprise level digital transformation.

The benefits of Hybrid IT - Bimodal approach.

The benefits of the Cloud are hard to ignore, such as;
  • cost reductions
  • fast support for innovation
  • increased flexibility
However, migrating to the cloud doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your legacy IT systems. Traditional storage devices, enterprise servers and networking equipment often remain vital to maintaining long established business critical operations.
With Hybrid IT, you can take advantage of both the private and public cloud, whilst still getting value out of your existing legacy systems. It delivers a two-speed approach, bimodal IT, combining cloud - where the focuses on agility, with legacy - where the focus is on stability.

Why choose Fujitsu’s Hybrid Cloud Computing?

We have experience delivering services to large customers on a global scale. As a world class Hybrid Cloud provider, we have the expertise to help you find the right balance of cloud based services and legacy applications.
We understand that the requirements of organisations migrating to the Cloud vary greatly, and so ours isn’t a one size fits all approach. We help you to work out which services and solutions should be left in-house, and which should be migrated to the Cloud.
We individually design and develop a cloud solution tailored to your unique business needs. As there’s no specific ratio of cloud to traditional IT, you are able to choose the right balance of services to deliver your business goals and manage your workload.

The future of the data centre in the age of Hybrid IT (1.20 MB)

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White paper: New value for legacy data through Hybrid  IT

White paper: New value for legacy data through Hybrid IT (498 KB)

Making the business case for transformation isn’t necessarily simple or straightforward. Find out how we can help.