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ProcureMART EDI Services

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Check and acknowledge new P/O
Manufacturer issues a P/O to the supplier using ProcureMART and supplier can reply with an acknowledgement to either accept or reject the P/O. Comments to the P/O can also be posted.

Reply to Delivery Date
The supplier is able to respond to the fulfillment of the order at the specific date of delivery and to make arrangement for partial shipment if required.

Retrieve the previous P/O data
Previous P/O data which was completely delivered within the last 3 months can easily be recalled for reference purposes.

Print out P/O
P/O with client application can be printed out.

Download P/O data
The P/O data can be downloaded from the server and used in MS-Excel for instance.

Announced by E-mail
When new documentations are sent out at the web-server, the buyer/supplier will receive an e-mail notification.


Quotation EDI

Parts Estimation
Provides a function for requesting the estimation of parts and for replying to the request.

Data Sharing
Allows the party making the request and the purchasing division to share the data.

Document Sharing
Documents such as drawings can be attached. Buyers and suppliers can also download files for reference and checking.

Announced by E-mail
Informs the buyer and suppliers by e-mail of the arrival of an estimation request and reply data.