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ProcureMART EDI Services

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ProcureMART is a web-server where manufacturers and suppliers can link up and process purchasing orders and delivery details. By connecting to the server via Internet, Purchasing Orders (PO) can be sent and delivery details specified and confirmed without unnecessary paperwork or delay. On this single communication platform, the manufacturer can issue POs to different suppliers or seek tender submissions. Likewise, suppliers, once connected to the server, can access the manufacturer's PO status, delivery details or any updates. Therefore with ProcureMART, in-house operations of its users can be comprehensively rationalized through improved efficiency of transactional operation processing, faster operations and cost reductions.

e-Procurement Model
The former EDI solution for ProcureMART was traditional "Point to Point" solution. With the rapid growth of technology, Fujitsu has developed a new model in the EDI business. Making full use of the IT technology, ProcureMART is now hosted over the internet, with all buyers, suppliers, freight forwarders and financial institutions connected to each other in this open "E-Marketplace". This open E-Marketplace is called the "Centralized Hub" concept.Membership to Fujitsu's E-Marketplace is properly screen through to ensure the quality of its buyers and suppliers.

e-Procurement Model

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Manufacturing Portal
TradeX-net is an Electronic Commerce (EC)/EDI Internet-based platform for storing trade data. Housed in the Fujitsu Internet Data Center, it is built with maximum security and powered by disaster-proof control technologies. ProcureMART is one of the various services hosted on TradeX-net and is targeted at the manufacturing industry.

e-Procurement Model

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