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Fujitsu Introduces Powerful New Generation ESPRIMO Desktop PCs and CELSIU Workstations

  • ESPRIMO PC line-up is more flexible and delivers higher performance than ever.
  • Comprehensive selection of models featuring the 10th generation Intel processor, from heavy-duty ESPRIMO P series to new ultra-small ESPRIMO G9010 mini PC
October 20, 2020
– New Fujitsu ESPRIMO desktop PCs are more flexible and deliver higher performance than ever before. As Fujitsu introduces the 10th generation Intel processor across the ESPRIMO family, the 2020 portfolio adds more flexibility for users1.
The new line-up introduces across-the-range improvements:
  • The small form factor ESPRIMO D series introduces a new, smaller 8.3-liter housing for both the advanced line ESPRIMO D7010 and premium line ESPRIMO D9010 models. The smaller footprint makes the ESPRIMO D Series an ideal choice for cost-conscious environments where space is limited. Despite the smaller volume size expandability and flexible slot and I/O interfaces are still available where required. The ESPRIMO D series is always popular in financial, education and training environments as well as specialized areas such as post office counters.
  • The mini PC ESPRIMO Q now comes in black or white. This fully-fledged model includes an optical drive and integrated power supply inside an elegant slimline casing. Packed with up to 11 ports for unrivalled connectivity, the versatile ESPRIMO Q is suitable for office and retail use, as well as for powering billboards and digital signage. 
  • The ultra-small ESPRIMO G series fits into a casing of just 0.9-liters. The new ESPRIMO G9010 includes a fan-less cooling model for truly silent running in an ergonomic work environment. Requiring just a single USB-C cable for power and display output, the system can be mounted out of sight on the back of a display, but is certainly not out of mind, thanks to technology upgrades that deliver blazing performance. The all-rounder ESPRIMO G5010 and superior level ESPRIMO G9010 are a popular choice for workplace modernization, for training and education, for home office use and in as regular desktops in small- and mid-size enterprises – and can even be used to power billboards.
  • The micro tower ESPRIMO P series is topped by the ESPRIMO P9910, which supports full-length graphics cards and offers four PCIe slots for system expansion. This model has a 680-watt power supply to easily cope with special purpose add-in cards. The ESPRIMO P series is popular in government and public sector, transportation and manufacturing industries, thanks to in-band or vPro manageability paired with the latest BIOS and operating system technology, which guarantee provisioning speed and save administration costs.
Refreshed CELSIUS Workstations get processor and performance upgrades
Designed for users demanding more graphics performance, Fujitsu has upgraded two CELSIUS desktop workstations to the 10th generation Intel processors. The new small form factor system, CELSIUS J5010 with 8.3-liter housing, is 17% smaller than the previous generation yet can accommodate full-height graphics cards, up to the NVIDIA Quadro P2200. This powerful and whisper quiet workstation is ideal for Computer Aided Design (CAD) as well as for use in design, visualization, multimedia and manufacturing.

The micro tower CELSIUS W5010 workstation supports dual-slot professional graphics cards and an optional, more powerful, 680-watt power supply. This provides the gateway to even better performance graphics for even the most-demanding CAD, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE), Media and Entertainment (M&E) applications. The new housing can accommodate full-length graphics cards up to the NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000. CELSIUS W5010 will serve the needs of the security and surveillance, healthcare, telecommunication as well as the public sector.

The new Fujitsu ESPRIMO and CELSIUS powerful desktop devices offers a complete range of fully featured and highly expandable PCs. With the best-in-class product development and outstanding production quality, the new Fujitsu lineup of desktop PCs and workstations ensure superior reliability for enterprises to drive business success of today and tomorrow.

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  • 1Availability of Fujitsu Desktop ESPRIMO and Fujitsu Workstation CELSIUS product may vary depending on country or region.
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All company or product names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Information provided in this press release is accurate at time of publication and is subject to change without advance notice.

Date: 20 October, 2020
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