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Fujitsu Malaysia Unveils PRIMEQUEST™ 500A Mission-Critical Servers for ASEAN

Itanium® 9100-based Windows and Linux servers to be available with immediate effect

Kuala Lumpur, May 27, 2008

Leading IT and communications solutions provider Fujitsu Malaysia today announced the PRIMEQUEST™ 500A range of mission-critical servers engineered to provide mainframe-class reliability and enhanced scalability for mission-critical enterprise applications.

Incorporating the latest dual-core Itanium® 9100 processors, the series supports Windows and Linux environments including Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008, SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server 10 and Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 5. The new line represents an upgrade from the earlier PRIMEQUEST™ 500 servers launched in July 2006.

The PRIMEQUEST™ 500A series comprises the mid-range PRIMEQUEST™ 520A as well as the high-end PRIMEQUEST™ 540A and PRIMEQUEST™ 580A. Models 520A, 540A and 580A offer a maximum of eight, 16 and 32 Itanium 9100 processors, as well as up to 256GB, 1TB and 2TB of random access memory, respectively.

The server line utilises dynamic partitioning to balance workloads while operating in Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 or Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 5 environments. Dynamic partitioning allows the 520A, 540A and 580A to distribute computing processes evenly among their system boards when server loads increase. This allows the servers to dynamically change hardware configurations in real-time, for increasing processing capacity without disrupting operations.

The servers’ system boards are also hot-swappable under the Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 environment, for business continuity.

Additionally, the PRIMEQUEST™ 580A had previously set world records for the SAP® ERP-2 level SD((1)) benchmark tests designed to gauge the performance of Windows Server®((2)) and Linux((3) ) servers.

These features make the PRIMEQUEST™ 500A server line ideal for deployment in mission-critical applications by customers ranging from small- and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises. Examples of such applications include:

  • data centres
  • databases
  • server farms
  • enterprise resource planning applications
  • scientific research and development

PRIMEQUEST™ 500A Key Specifications

Operating System Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 5
Red Hat® Enterprise Linux AS v.4
SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server 10
SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server 9
Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008
Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003
CPU Dual-Core Intel® Itanium® Processor
Socket/Cores 32/64 16/32 8/16
Memory 2TB 1TB 256GB
Chipset Fujitsu-developed chipset
Internal HDD* 32 16 8
Integrated LAN Ports 32 16 4
SCSI Ports* 16 8 None
PCI Slots* 128 64 16
Partitions* 16 8 4

With our longstanding expertise in mainframes, Fujitsu offers unparalleled reliability for industry-standard operating systems. The PRIMEQUEST™ 500A series combines our expertise in high-reliability hardware with the open-standard architecture of Itanium® processors and Linux or Windows Server® operating systems,” said Mr Uno Motohiko, Head of Regional Marketing Group, Fujitsu Asia.

The PRIMEQUEST™ 500A series will be available for the ASEAN (including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam) markets. Visit or call 03-8318 3700 for more details.

  • [1] SD

    “Sales and Distribution.” A sales-management application for online transaction included in the SAP® ERP software suite. Benchmark results from this application are widely recognized as a performance index for servers running SAP® systems. Results represent the sustained number of responses on average within a two-second period (simultaneous users). Level-2 indicates a system consisting of one central server (acting as both database server and application server) and clients.

  • [2] World’s highest performance running Windows Server®

    Test results Number of benchmark users & comp.: 10,400 SAP® SD Benchmark users; Average dialog response time: 1.93 seconds; Throughput (SAPS): 52,320; Central server CPU utilisation: 96%; Date certified: April 17, 2008. System tested Central server: Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST™ 580A with 32 dual-core Intel® Itanium® 9150M processor (1.66 GHz/24 MB L3 cache) (64 cores) (512 GB storage capacity); OS: Windows Server® 2003 Datacenter Edition; RDBMS: SQL Server™ 2005; SAP® ECC: 6.0 (SAP® ERP2005).

  • [3] World’s highest performance running Linux

    Test results Number of benchmark users & comp.: 12,500 SAP® SD Benchmark users; Average dialog response time: 1.83 seconds; Throughput (SAPS): 63,400; Central server CPU utilisation: 85%; Date certified: August 31, 2006. System tested Central server: Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST™ 580 with 32 dual-core Intel® Itanium® 9050 processor (1.66 GHz/24 MB L3 cache) (64 cores) (512 GB storage capacity); OS: SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server 9; RDBMS: Oracle® Database 10g; SAP® ECC: 5.0 (mySAP™ ERP2004). These records comply with SAP® Standard Application Benchmark Council rules, and have been audited and certified by SAP® (

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Date: 27 May, 2008
City: Kuala Lumpur
Company: Fujitsu (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd