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Shinko Electric Industries CO., LTD.

Shinko Electric Industries has been developing businesses throughout the world as an enterprise that provides total solutions for the backend processing of semiconductors through the accumulation and fusion of various element technologies for semiconductor packaging.

Manufacturing and sales of Plastic Laminated Package(PLP), Tape BGA, Leadframe, Glass-to-metal Seals, Optoelectronics Package, Pre-mold Package, Precision Contact Parts, Arrester. IC Assembly, Multi Chip Package(MCP), Wafer Level Package(WLP) and System Module

Customers of Japanese technology giant, Fujitsu, can now access its global infrastructure service from anywhere around the world, with Malaysia playing a pivotal role after being picked as its regional support hub.

Our company practices the following corporate philosophy on the basis of harmony among its customers, stockholders, suppliers, people in communities, employees, and stake-holders.

Corporate Philosophy

Technology Leadership
Our company has adopted technological development as one of the most important guidelines of its management since its foundation. It aims to make great strides with the development and the accumulation of new technologies as its driving force.

Long Term Vision
We aim for unlimited progress, while retaining enthusiasm for sustained creation and development in the field of electronics, which is advancing at a very quick pace.

Global Outlook
We promote business by meeting globally diversifying needs, while bearing in mind coexistence and co-prosperity in the international society as an international corporation.

Responsibility to Individual
Society and enterprises are comprised of groups of people that cannot coexist without good human relations. We will promote business through management plans based on a people-friendly approach.