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Intellectual Property

Fujitsu's Intellectual Property


The Fujitsu Group implements the intellectual property strategy together with our business and technology strategies, and is building the intellectual property which contributes to our business.
Moreover, the Fujitsu Group provides the codes of conduct for employees about intellectual property in FUJITSU Way. It clearly states that "We protect and respect intellectual property."

Fujitsu IP Strategy

IP Strategy for supporting Digital Co-creation
Handling Intellectual Property as an Innovation Pilot, Strengthen Fujitsu technologies by IP EXpertise, EXplore in the digital ocean for connecting technologies and business, Co-create new value with customer and provide User-EXperience.

Fujitsu IP Strategy

Intellectual Property team coined the phrase “Innovation Pilot” (new IP definition) to denote:
Internal-External Networking and Connecting together Fujitsu intelligent units, such as R&D Units and Business Units.

International Standardization

Particularly in the ICT area, a robust market is formed when multiple companies provide various products and services using standardized technologies and ensure that their products and services satisfy interoperability and compatibility requirements. It is important for us to make good use of these standards.
The Fujitsu Group is promoting the development of global standards by linking the business strategy and standardization activities, and participating in major standardization organizations in the world including ISO, IEC, ITU, IEEE, 3GPP, OASIS, OMG, and DMTF.

Collaboration with International Framework for Co-Creation

Co-Creation with Global Companies toward SDGs goal
Partnership with WIPO GREEN in September, 2017

Collaboration with International Framework for Co-Creation

Technology Sales

The Fujitsu Group has some patents that are no longer used because of changes in its business strategy. Even those patents that Fujitsu currently use may be available for widespread use by other companies to create more value. We are aggressively working to license to these patents and other know-how, as technology "seeds," to other companies to ensure that the outcome of our research and development work will be utilized widely in society and become a source of royalty earnings. We refer to all of these activities as technology sales activities.

Brand and Trademark

FUJITSU shaping tomorrow with youThe Fujitsu Group regards our brands as one of our important management resources. We promote the spread of the brand promise "shaping tomorrow with you," announced in 2010. We have decided on a brand graphic that visually represents the brand promise, aiming to establish our brand image throughout the world.
The design of brand graphic is based on the "F" of the FUJITSU symbol mark, and the concept of "dialogs with customers," which will be the most important task related to putting the brand promise into action, thereby creating a visually unique and memorable impact.
Since fiscal year 2013, we have enhanced the association between product/service brand names and the corporate brand (FUJITSU), and set rules for a product/service name structure so that customers can easily search and understand for Fujitsu product/service. Through these rule, Fujitsu aims to further emphasize the merits of the FUJITSU brand.
Fujitsu is ranked 29th in Interbrand Corporation's "Japan's Best Global Brands 2016 (*)." Fujitsu actively pursues the acquisition of trademark rights for the names of products and services to protect our brand value.

* Released every year by Interbrand Corporation in order to rate the values and positions of globally expanding Japanese brands based on world standards.

Intellectual Property Report

Fujitsu has issued the Intellectual Property Report between fiscal year 2006 and 2014. In this Intellectual Property Report, the purpose of Fujitsu's intellectual property strategy and the efforts being made by our individual business units were described. It also included statistics covering our intellectual property. Moreover, since fiscal year 2015, It has been introduced "Brief Summary of Intellectual Property Activities".