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Obsolete product information

F7521F has been discontinued.

-Worlds first scanner with full digital reading. -360 degree scan performance

With its low-profile scan tower and below-counter depth of just 90mm, the F7521F barcode scanner can accommodate a cash drawer.
Fast, accurate 360-degree scanning minimizes wasted motion to improve customer service.

F7521F image

In a worldwide first, digital signal processing of bar code is now possible, thanks to state-of-the-art DSP technology supporting RS232C I/F and also powered USB I/F !

The F7521F combines innovative design and leading edge technology to deliver unsurpassed performance, functionality and reliability. Multiple interface options, complete EAS capability, ease of use and feature-rich design ensure true cost of ownership savings through the life of the product.

Standard Features

  • DSP (Digital Signal Processor) employed barcode scanner
  • Supports both powered USB I/F and RS232C I/F
  • Vendor coupon "Expiration data" validation
  • RSS "Sell-by date" validation
  • Support for RSS-14 and RSS Expanded (RSS: Reduced Space Symbology)
  • Support of reading for small size and low quality of labels
  • Integrated and detachable weight scale
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire glass
  • Label stitching decode technology
  • EAS compatibility
  • Firmware download from PC
  • Firmware cloning
  • Barcode label programmability
  • Auto-discrimination of 6 barcode symbologies
  • Auto-sleep (2-step laser power down) and wake-up operational

DSP (Digital Signal Processor)

The F7521F comes standard with more features than any other barcode scanner in the industry. It's also the first barcode scanner on the market to use Digital Signal Processor technology in a scanning solution, allowing it to read a broader range of symbols than ever before.

Shallow depth below counter and low profile design

Checker comfort and good customer service:
The cash drawer and keyboard may both be located in front of the cashier, allowing the cashier to maintain eye contact with the customer while minimizing twisting and turning their bodies. Cashiers can even work comfortably when seated.

Attention to detail

The F7521F provides a better depth of field so items can be scanned with less reaching, which reduces fatigue. This means happier employees and increased productivity.
It has a stainless weigh platter with flush mount window for easy cleaning and minimum effort to slide items through the scan zone.
It is designed to fit into the same size checkout counter hole required by most popular high-performance barcode scanners. Checkout counter modification is often unnecessary.
It is provided with a sapphire bottom window, providing long-life and no replacement. The barcode scanner's side-window is replaceable-it is easy to clean, easy to replace.

It is designed to exceed the throughput and cost of ownership requirements of the most discerning customer.

EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) compatibility

The F7521F is provided with an integrated EAS antenna and a dedicated EAS port for ease of connection and compatibility with Checkpoint EAS Systems.


The F7521F is available in two configurations: the barcode scanner with integrated scale or the barcode scanner without the scale. The scale module can be attached or detached in the field.

  • Fast settling time
  • Simple calibration process
  • Scale Re-zero switch on scan tower

Interface & connection

The F7521F has auxiliary port and the following connectors.

Interface & connection image