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Obsolete product information

F7521D has been discontinued.

With its unique dual-optic design and vertical  mounting, the F7521D dual-aperture  scanner provides side and top-down scanning  to improve performance at the checkout.

Versatile Mounting

The F7521D is a Freestanding vertical scanner with a unique dual-scan aperture and single visible-laser diode, which offers both side and top-down pass-by and presentation scanning capabilities.
The F7521D's functional characteristics, ease of installation and throughput performance make it adaptable to a wide range of retail environments.

Features Rich and Cost-Effective

The F7521D provides a rich set of feature and functions with the throughput performance normally associated with higher-priced multi-optic scanners.

Standard features of the F7521D include:

  • Barcode label programmability
  • Label stitching decode technology
  • Auto-sleep and wake-up for laser and motor control
  • Auto-discrimination of popular barcode symbologies
  • Firmware download capability for simple upgrades and enhancements
  • Two-color visible indicators (LEDs) and speaker for visual and audible feedback to the operator.

Fully Programmable

To facilitate simple integration, the F7521D is fully programmable using barcodes. It can be easily configured with full control over functional characteristics, such as barcode symbologies, interface protocol, laser and motor time-out, as well as speaker volume and tone.

Multiple Interfaces

Multi-interface options simplify connection to all major POS systems. For maximum versatility, the F7521D is available with RS232, OCIA, IBM and Keyboard Wedge interface options.

Scanning Pattern

The F7521D is suited to all store types, from small retail shops to large supermarkets.

Thanks to its compact size, the F7521D can be installed practically anywhere. The large scanning zone allows scanning to be performed quickly with a superior first-pass rate.

Top-down scanning enables users to perform counter-top scans swiftly and accurately.