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Obsolete product information

TeamPoS3000XE has been discontinued.
Successor products can be found on the Product Page.

Price Performance. The TeamPoS3000XE delivers comfortable, smooth and faster checkout for increased sales opportunities and effective reductions in investment.


Great Potential / Range of Possibilities

The TeamPoS3000XE is a high-performance model will enable retailers to avoid high startup costs.
This is the ideal terminal for the next retailing era in which high-speed processing will be an absolute requirement and diverse retail model configurations will be possible.

Enhanced Hardware and Software

The most up-to-date CPUs and abundant memory capacity enable you to handle a large volume of operations quickly and easily with the TeamPoS3000XE. Windows® Embedded for Point of Service 1.1, the dedicated OS used in retailing work, provides the best software platform in terms of performance and future supportability.

Diverse Connectivity / Scalable CPUs

The TeamPoS3000XE is equipped with expandable I/O boards, and PCI slots.
Retailers can reconfigure this terminal to meet their specific requirements, by adding a variety of options. It is equipped with scalable CPUs to meet retailer requirements for more efficiency and comfort.

User-Friendly Maintenance

To reduce maintenance costs, this terminal has been designed to be simple and flexible. Its user-friendly structure allows you to avoid excessive down times and loss of sales opportunities. Major components can be inserted and extracted in short periods of time without the need for special tools or complex procedures.

No More Unnecessary Replacement

The peripherals for TeamPoS3000 series devices have been adopted for the TeamPoS3000XE. What this means is that the TeamPoS3000XE OPOS environment provides you the same application interface as that for TeamPoS3000 series devices, leading to significant benefits for you without wasting your existing assets.

The Latest Technology

The new technologies adopted in the TeamPoS3000XE include:

  • Fan speed control for quiet environments
  • System resource monitoring and abnormal status detection in the standby state for minimized occurrence of avoidable errors(Note)

(Note)Appropriate software is required for administrators to utilize this technology

Installation Model

Keyboard on D22/D25 Model


LCD display

Display D22/D25

  • TFT color LCD
  • 12.1" and 15"

Display DV15

  • TFT color LCD
  • 15"

Display D22/D25's bezel is offered in six attractive colors.
Silver, White, Sherry, Orange, Green, Blue

Customer display

  • Graphic VFD

Customer display's bezel is offered in six attractive colors.
Silver, Black, Sherry, Orange, Green, Blue


  • One station thermal


Touch Scanner

Ergonomically designed grip for comfortable, fatiguefree operation

High-performance Hybrid Scanner

Serves as a presentation or hand-held scanner featuring both multi and single scanning.

Keyboard or MSR on LCD

  • 32key and MSR(ISO 1/2/3)
  • MSR (ISO 1/2/3)

(Note)For only D22/D25


  • 88key compact POS keyboard

Cash drawer (Compact size)

  • 3 or 4 compartments for bills
  • 6 compartments for coins

Cash drawer (Standard size)

  • 5 compartments for bills
  • 6 compartments for coins