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Obsolete product information

TeamPoS2000A has been discontinued.
Successor products can be found on the Product Page.

The compact, adaptable in-store system designed to put Fujitsu's advanced retailing solutions within your reach!

TeamPoS2000A, developed as an entry-level in-store system, boasts a simple design to get you up and running faster, yet without skimping on the essentials.
Its practical architecture and robust, reliable construction will keep running costs lower. And Fujitsu has designed it for full expandability, to ensure that it grows along with your business.


Open platform

Designed for full compliance with Windows 98, Windows 2000 and MS-DOS.

Flexible design

Equipped with an industry-standard PC board and Intel Celeron 566MHz and PentiumIII 1GHz CPU. USB and RS232 interfaces give retailers full flexibility in selecting POS peripherals.

High cost performance

Provides affordable configuration keeping same reliable design policy with TeamPoS2000, PentiumIII 1GHz model will satisfy every requirement in your store.

Rugged and reliable

Built to withstand temperature, humidity, dust, vibrations and electrostatic discharge, ensuring reliable operation even in the harshest retail environments.

Thoughtful, maintenance-friendly design

Front panel image

Front panel

Even with the display, printer and other POS peripherals mounted on top of the control unit, the hard disk can easily be inserted and removed.

Side panel image

Side panel

The memory and main board can be easily accessed and removed without having to disturb display, printer or other POS peripherals.

CD-ROM drive (optional) image

CD-ROM drive (optional)

To facilitate smooth installation of software, TeamPoS2000A has a slot to accommodate an optional CD-ROM drive.


Customer Display

Compact POS Keyboard

1st Thermal Printer

Cash Drawer