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TeamPoS A10

Obsolete product information

TeamPoS A10 has been discontinued.
Successor products can be found on the Product Page.

Affordable All-in-One PoS
with 15” Waterproof Full-flat Touch Screen LCD

Stylish Design to Fit Any Store Interior

  • Slim and compact All-in-One
  • Table-top with integrated desk-stand
  • 15" full-flat touch screen LCD
  • VESA-standard wall-mountable
  • User-friendly LCD with flexible tilt angle (0 to 68 degrees)

Suitable for Harsh Retail Environments

  • Fanless model for silent operation, protected against oil/dust in air
  • Smaller footprint frees up counter space
  • Easy-to-clean full-flat LCD
  • Quick HDD replacement
  • IP54 housing design (Note)
  • Flexible configurations for wide range of market segments

Note : Except I/O area

Optional VFD / Customer LCD / MSR

With VFD

With customer LCD

With MSR

IO ports