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Obsolete product information

WT-A501/A601 has been discontinued.
Successor products can be found on the Product Page.

Highly durable and flexible UHF-band RFID Tag

Product Outline

Fujitsu RFID Tag WT-A501/A601 are the world's first soft washable UHF-band RFID tag.
Once tags are attached to the products, it is possible to track all of them in real time and not necessary to take off even for cleaning process.
This enables to enhance the security from the theft or loss, and permits the products themselves to be managed more accurately.


Durable and Flexible Tag

Image of reading

High Durability

Tags can survive whole cleaning process such as washing, drying, and ironing more than 200 times.


The tag is highly durable yet small, thin, and soft. This enables them to be attached to products in a totally natural way.

Superior Performance

The superior reading performance of UHF-band RFID allows to scan multiple tags at once without direct contact. This improves the efficiency and the precision of product management.

Main Applications


Garment and fabric Products Uniforms, Work Clothes, Mops, Linens, Canvas Bags etc.
Plastic Products Pallets, Containers etc.


Factory, Warehouse, Hotel, Hospital, Amusement park etc.

Example of Scene : Using tags to manage rental garments

Rental businesses that handle a variety of products can use these tags to manage their asset. Once tags are attached to products and are registered in a master database, individual product management and inventory management can be performed accurately and easily by simply reading the relevant tags. Data about loans, returns and the number of times products have been washed can be analyzed to optimize product lifecycles.


Loan of a product is booked using a handy terminal


The product's tag is read and the return of the product is recorded


Washing -> Drying -> Ironing


The product's tag is read and the storage of the product is recorded