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"PalmSecure F Series" is World's First Palm Vein Authentication Device to Work with FIDO Services

Combining convenience and safety in online services with password less authentication

FUJITSU FRONTECH have newly developed authentication software in order for its palm vein authentication devices - "FUJITSU Biometric Authentication PalmSecure F Series" (hereon referred to as "PalmSecure F Series") - to comply with the standards for FIDO UAF(*1) and FIDO2(*2) – thus, "PalmSecure F Series" now conforms to the international standards of FIDO. And, from July of this year, "PalmSecure F Series" with the authentication software was added to Fujitsu Limited's "Online Biometric Authentication Service"(*3) as "Addition of Authentication Function (Palm Vein)", to enable people to use the world's first ever FIDO that uses vein patterns.
This enables users to utilize the highly reliable palm vein authentication features of "PalmSecure F Series" as a FIDO-compatible device. It also frees them from typing passwords, the worry of forgetting and changing them on a regular basis. People can use internet online services that combine convenience and safety in the Windows environment.
Furthermore, this service offers "PalmSecure F Series" as BaaS (*4) offering with user-based billing, allowing customers to change flexibly the number of users as needed and reduce initial costs.
FUJITSU FRONTECH will now go on to continue to contribute to the realization of a safe, secure society through "PalmSecure F Series", our palm vein authentication device series.

July 03, 2019


In recent years, with various systems and online services expanding and growing, the number of IDs and passwords required for login is increasing. The harm from illegal access virus infections, and identity theft due to sharing of passwords and phishing, is becoming a major threat. To counter such attacks, passwords, companies are asking users to make passwords more secure which in turn makes them more complicated for the user to remember. This makes it harder and harder to provide compatibility in convenience and safety for online services. To help solve this dilemma, companies are focusing on delivering authentication systems that do not rely on passwords but rather delivering an easy-to-use solution for secure access to online services.

FIDO Alliance Certified Logo

PalmSecure F series

PalmSecure F series

FIDO Service Provided by "PalmSecure F Series"

This release focuses on making "PalmSecure F Series" compatible with FIDO. To do this, Fujitsu Frontech developed authentication software that complies with FIDO UAF and FIDO2, the international standards for achieving safe online authentication, acquiring certification from FIDO Alliance(*5). Because of this new feature, for the first time ever anywhere in the world, people will be able to eliminate passwords, and use vein pattern FIDO services in a Windows environment in a way that combines greater ease-of-use and stronger safety.
Until now, biometric authentication devices, such as fingerprint, iris and face ones have been used with FIDO, but now "PalmSecure F Series" is available as a new authenticator, enabling more accurate authentication.

FIDO Authentication Image
FIDO Authentication Image

Price and Launch Period

Service Name Price Launch Period
"Addition of Authentication Function (Palm Vein)"
(Option in "FUJITSU IoT Solution Biometric Sensor Authentication Solution's Online Biometric Authentication Service")
Individual estimates provided in accordance with number of IDs required (annual price) July 2019 onward

Sales Goal

We are aiming for sales that acquire 200,000 IDs by FY2020.

Applicable Fields

  • Login authentication at EC sites
  • Authentication for login to "My Pages" provided by telecommunication carriers
  • Authentication for login to net banking
  • Confirming sales people, such as life/damage insurance canvassers
  • Confirming medical workers in systems such as local medical treatment cooperation centers


*1 FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) UAF (Universal Authentication Framework)
FIDO-compatible devices are used for authentication without the use of passwords
*2 FIDO2
a new standard established by FIDO Alliance. FIDO2 enables authentication via web browsers. It accommodates Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and other web browsers, and can be used among a wide range of devices, from smartphones to computers.
*3 FUJITSU's Online Biometric Authentication Service
FIDO service provided by FUJITSU Limited. "FUJITSU IoT Solution Biometric Sensor Authentication Solution's Online Biometric Authentication Service"
*4 Baas
Biometrics as a Service. Customers can use Biometric authentication including sensors as a service.
*5 FIDO Alliance
a non-profit standardizing body, putting forward global standards for safe authentication founded in July 2012

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Date: 03 July, 2019
Company: Fujitsu Frontech Limited