FOC ships 1 Millionth Coherent LN Modulator

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March 31, 2021
Fujitsu Optical Components Limited.

Fujitsu Optical Components Ships One Millionth Coherent Lithium-Niobate Modulator, Maintains Top Global Market Share

Fujitsu Optical Components Limited (FOC) announced today that cumulative global sales of coherent lithium-niobate (LN) modulators which began shipping in December 2009, have exceeded 1 million units at the end of February 2021. These coherent modulators with exceptional reliability and quality continue to be deployed widely in global optical networks.
Fujitsu Optical Components continues to provide the most advanced, high performance optical component solutions that meet our customer’s requirements for current and next-generation core, metro and data center interconnect optical networks.

【FOC Coherent LN Modulator】

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FOC succeeded in commercializing the world's first coherent LN modulator capable of high-speed and high-capacity optical transmission in 2009. Since its launch, FOC’s coherent LN modulators have been praised for their high quality, very low failure rate, performance and reliability in the market and have maintained their No. 1 global market share. In 2020, FOC held an impressive 70% market share with cumulative sales now exceeded 1 million units worldwide.
In recent years, network capacity has been increasing due to the increase in big data, IoT, and video content. It is expected that IP traffic will continue to grow due to the rapid rise in video gaming, streaming, remote work and online meetings as a result of recent work style reforms. FOC will continue to contribute and adapt to our society’s needs by providing a stable supply of high-quality optical component products using its core technologies.


*About LN Modulator
LN modulators are discrete devices that converts an electrical data signal into an optical data stream via the electro-optic effect of a LiNbO3 crystal. Intensity modulators convert input electrical signals to optical intensity signals, while phase modulators convert them to optical phase signals. One of the LN modulator's features is modulation with minimal wavelength chirping. This is a desirable characteristic for ultra high-speed, long haul, and DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) transmission.


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