FOC Received the Young Researcher Award in ICSJ 2021


January 20, 2022
Fujitsu Optical Components

FOC Received the Young Researcher Award in ICSJ 2021

Fujitsu Optical Components Limited (FOC) announced today that it received The Young Researcher Award at the international conference “IEEE CPMT Symposium Japan” (ICSJ 2021) that was held at Kyoto University from November 10 to 12, 2021.

【Award Recipient and Prize Winning Technology】

This award is a paper award for researchers under the age of 30. FOC has proposed a method to accurately analyze the influence of the surface condition of wiring on a printed circuit board on high-frequency signals and the results of measurement and analysis show that this method is effective even in high-frequency regions exceeding several tens of GHz.
Junpei Miike (Optical Transceivers Div., Technology Development Dept., Fujitsu Optical Components Limited)


Junpei Miike, Akira Kon, Makoto Miyoshi and Takatoshi Yagisawa, "Effect of Surface Treatment of Transmission Line on Frequency Characteristics", IEEE CMPT Symposium Japan (ICSJ), 2021.

FOC Technology development

The optical transceivers manufactured and sold by FOC are rapidly increasing in speed with the increase in traffic due to cloud services in recent years. 25 GBaud is used for the electrical wiring of the printed circuit board inside the optical transceiver and the application of 50 GBaud is being discussed. Since the attenuation of high-frequency signals due to wiring on a printed circuit board is greatly affected by the plating on the wiring surface and the roughness on the wiring back surface, it was necessary to measure the attenuation by fabricating a prototype wiring in order to accurately determine the attenuation. The newly developed technology is a method to accurately determine the actual attenuation amount by electromagnetic field simulation using only design information. By comparing the actual measurement result with the simulation result, it was shown that the attenuation amount up to 60 GHz can be accurately determined.
The newly developed technology makes it possible to accurately determine the attenuation of high-frequency signals at the time of product design, making a significant contribution to so-called front-loading development, which builds the performance of the entire optical module at the initial stage of product development.

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