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Fujitsu demonstrates Next Generation 100GbE Optical Transceiver at OFC/NFOEC 2012

March 02, 2012

Kawasaki, Japan, March 2, 2012- Fujitsu Optical Components Limited (FOC) announced today that a live demonstration of its next generation 100GbE optical transceiver will take place at OFC/NFOEC (*1)2012 next week in Los Angeles, California, USA. This transceiver is designed to comply with the next generation 100 Gigabit Ethernet specification which is now under discussion in the IEEE 802 Committee (*2). The demonstration can be viewed in FOC's booth #2317 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, March 6-8, 2012.

Rapid increase in the volume of communications traffic has come from the spread of new services such as mobile broadband using smart phones, cloud computing and on-line streaming. This has created a great demand for next-generation 100Gbps optical networks. The IEEE 802 Committee finalized the original 100 Gigabit Ethernet standard in June 2010. Discussions on the next generation 100 Gigabit Ethernet specifications which target lower power consumption and a more compact package have been proceeding since September, 2011.

Current 100 Gigabit Ethernet CFP optical modules use a 10 x 10Gbps lane electrical interface. Next generation modules though will use a 25 x 4Gbps lane electrical interface compliant with the 25G-VSR specification now under discussion in the OIF (*3). The introduction of this new interface enables compact size (about half width of the current CFP) and low power consumption (about 1/3 of the current CFP) transceivers. The target form factor of this transceiver is called "CFP2". The latest discussion items regarding the "CFP2' MSA standard can be found on the website for the CFP MSA group ( First generation 100GbE CFP transceivers supporting the ER4/LR4 standards have already been commercialized by FOC and are shipping in volume. FOC is now developing CFP2 transceivers supporting the next generation 100 Gigabit Ethernet ER4/LR4 specifications

The NFOEC/OFC 2012 demonstration will display the optical output waveform, output optical spectrum, and received optical signal bit error rate from a prototype CFP2 style transceiver (*4) with a next generation 25G electrical interface. FOC will show that this prototype transceiver meets the next generation 100 Gigabit Ethernet specifications.

FOC plans to release the CFP2 transceiver which is compliant with the CFP2 MSA and next generation 100 Gigabit Ethernet specifications in the second half of 2012. This product will help facilitate the development of the compact, low power consumption, 100Gbps optical network equipment needed to connect the datacenter with the Metro-Core in IP Networks.

FOC will also participate in OIF Interoperability 2012 at OIF booth #713.

OIF Interoperability 2012
Ten companies, including "FOC', will unite under the banner of the Optical Internetworking Forum to showcase multi-vendor participation in OIF Interoperability 2012 –Enabling High-Speed Dynamic Services. The OIF's PLL demonstration will showcase the draft CEI-28G-VSR implementation agreement, featuring host ASICs with VSR SERDES, host PCB traces, optical module connectors, module re-timers and optical transceivers. A public demonstration of the event will be on display March 6-8, 2012 at OFC/NFOEC in Los Angeles, CA, OIF Booth #713. Additional information can be found at

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Glossary & Notes

(*1)Acronym for Optical Fiber Communication Conference and National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference

(*2)Organization which promotes the standardization of LAN in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

(*3)Acronym for Optical Internetworking Forum. The OIF is an organization that promotes standardization for the equipment and components used in optical networks.

(*4)TOSA (Transmitter Optical Sub-Assembly) used in this prototype transceiver is provided by NTT Electronics.

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