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Fujitsu introduces Full C-band Tunable XFP Transceiver for DWDM Optical Networks

March 01, 2011

- Full band tunability and small size to enable compact, low price, high efficiency DWDM optical networks -

Kawasaki, Japan, March 1, 2011- Fujitsu Optical Components Limited today announced that it will further expand its pluggable transceiver module product lineup by releasing a full C-band (*1) tunable compact 10Gbps XFP (*2) MSA ( *3) compliant transceiver for DWDM (*4) transmission in April, 2011

In recent years, the spread of new services such as mobile broadband service using smart phone, cloud computing and on-line streaming has brought along the rapid increase in the volume of communications traffic. In order to enable high-capacity optical networks, DWDM systems which use a single optical fiber for optical signals of several different wavelengths are being utilized. Wavelength tunable optical transceivers are becoming important as components that enable ROADM (*5) functionality in next-generation networks. These transceivers have the characteristic that their wavelengths can be switched between different DWDM channels while in use in the network. Channel switching capability has resulted in a reduction in the number of components and cost in today's DWDM systems. Large 300pin (*6) transponder modules are currently used as the main full band tunable source in such systems. More compact optical transceivers are needed though to make these DWDM systems smaller and more compact in the future.

Fujitsu Optical Components Limited has successfully commercialized a full C-band tunable XFP transceiver for DWDM optical networks to fill this need. It will be released in April, 2011. This module offers the wavelength switching capability and small size that will make it a desirable choice to replace the 300 pin transponders used in many of today's networks. In those networks where fixed DWDM channel XFP transceivers are currently used, changing to the tunable XFP offers the potential for large inventory stock reduction since all wavelengths can now be covered with one transceiver module.


  1. XFP MSA compliant
  2. 88 C-band wavelength tuning capability across 50GHz ITU-T channel grid
  3. Low power consumption - 3.5W

Fujitsu Optical Components Limited plans to display this product at OFC/NFOEC 2011, which is scheduled to take place from March 8 to 10 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Pricing & Availability

Product Name Pricing Shipment
XFP Transceiver Quoted per order April, 2011

Sales Target

1 billion yen in fiscal 2011

Additional Information


Glossary & Notes

(*1) C-band
Wavelength of 1530 to 1570nm for WDM technology

(*2) XFP
10 Gigabit Small Form Factor Pluggable

(*3) MSA
Multi-Source Agreement

(*4) DWDM
Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing

(*5) ROADM
Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer

(*6) 300pin transponder
MSA standard optical module that uses a 300 pin electrical connector

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