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April 1, 2020

The international situation is rapidly changing in many fields, including politics, economics, technology, and security. Consequently, the business environment surrounding companies is rapidly becoming more complex. The escalation of the U.S.-China conflict over advanced technology is one example. Also, the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are further accelerating these changes.

Fujitsu’s business model is based on leveraging technology to serve global customers and is right in the center of these transformations. In order for the Fujitsu Group to further accelerate its growth in the future, it is necessary to comprehensively grasp these various trends, develop and implement a mid-to-long term management strategy with an eye to the new normal of the post-COVID19 era.

Fujitsu Future Studies Center (FFSC) is hereby established as a think tank for this purpose, welcoming Mr. Shotaro Yachi, the first Director General of the National Security Bureau, as its Chairperson. FFSC will also cooperate with leading researchers, bureaucrats and businesspeople to conduct cross-sectional research on international affairs and trends in advanced technology with geopolitical perspectives. By conducting inter-disciplinary research, FFSC assists the Fujitsu Group in formulating and implementing mid-to-long term strategies.


Takahito Tokita  
Representative Director  
Fujitsu Limited


Chairman’s Message




The key feature of Fujitsu Future Studies Center (FFSC) is that it is Fujitsu’s think tank for medium- to long-term strategy. To further accelerate its future growth, the Fujitsu Group needs to focus on the “new normal” for the post-COVID-19 era and, more than ever, anticipate future trends to develop clear, flexible strategies. From this perspective, FFSC concentrates on international affairs, advanced technologies, and medium- to long-term strategy as its research themes, and conducts its activities in collaboration with leading researchers and industry experts. To this end, I hope that my knowledge, experience, and networks in fields such as diplomacy and security will prove useful.


Shotaro Yachi   
Fujitsu Future Studies Center Ltd.


Corporate Data

Company Name: Fujitsu Future Studies Center Ltd.
Chairman: Shotaro Yachi
President: Takahiro Ikawa
Establishment: April 1, 2020
Location: Roppongi 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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