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Why Fujitsu?


  • Data is easily accessible and extractable which may results in improving productivity and efficiency of data reporting
  • Exchange of data could be done automatically
  • Significantly improves the usability of reporting system in regards with:
    • Standardized format allows reported information easily compared and analyzed
    • Automated validation minimizes inaccuracy of data
  • Ease of reports dissemination and disclosure to make it available for the public
  • Accelerate decision making consideration for business investors

  • Leading in XBRL Standard Development
  • Fujitsu contributes to many of the latest specification development, such as Dimensions, Formula, Versioning, Inline XBRL, Table Linkbase (XII Compliance).

  • No.1 XBRL Middleware: Interstage XWand
  • Fujitsu implements XBRL to over than 100 customers in 34 countries including Central Banks, Government, Banks, Auditor, and many others for example:

    • In Japan, 3 out of 4 major regulators are Fujitsu’s customer.
    • Security Exchange Commission (SEC) of United States
    • Bank of Spain in Europe
    • IFRS, US-GAAP, Japanese GAAP, and most of major taxonomy are developed by Interstage XWand tools
  • Fujitsu Selected Customers in Indonesia
    • Regulatory body of the capital market
    • Several conventional and sharia banks
  • Support Locally
  • Fujitsu Indonesia experienced engineers are eager to deliver excellent support to help you in adopting XBRL technology.


  • In the United States, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), since December 2008, has mandated the use of XBRL for listed companies reporting their financial reports.
  • In the United Kingdom HM Revenue and Custom (HMRC) has mandated the use of XBRL for filing of UK company accounts and Corporation Tax Returns since 2011.
  • In Japan, the Tokyo Stock Exchange used XBRL in its Timely Disclosure network (TDnet) to distribute financial information for 3000 registered companies to all press organizations simultaneously.
  • The Committee of European Banking Supervisors (CEBS) has adopted XBRL for Banking Solvency Reporting (COREP) and Financial Reporting (FINREP).
  • Holland and Australia have adopted XBRL for use within their Standard Business Reporting Programs (SBR) for business to government reporting.
  • Many other countries such as Korea, Chile and Spain have ongoing national projects already making use of XBRL technology.
  • Other countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America are preparing individually for worldwide XBRL implementation.