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Healthcare Solutions

IT-enabled process change for better outcomes

Changing demographics is one of the biggest challenges facing society today. With medical costs rising exponentially across the globe, healthcare providers are finding it increasingly difficult to deliver adequate healthcare to all citizens. Health services also face a growing number of patients with long-term chronic diseases. These include conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. This trend calls for more integrated care concepts bridging various medical disciplines.

As a global organization responsive to local market dynamics, we combine a broad range of capabilities with business change expertise to bring true benefits to healthcare providers. Drawing on our deep understanding of vertical market needs, we believe in optimizing the patient experience through IT-enabled change. Specialized in product design and manufacture, as well as application and systems integration, we bring you solutions that are tailored to your individual, cross-disciplinary needs.

Why choose Fujitsu for healthcare?

  • All of our technologies and solutions are focused on enhancing the patient experience and medical outcomes through the latest IT innovations and process enhancements. 
  • You benefit from our impressive and rich tradition of healthcare research at our dedicated laboratories. 
  • You can rely on us to take projects “from bench to bedside”. 
  • We adopt a benefits-driven approach to the design and delivery of programs, ensuring that advances in information and communications technology can drive true change and efficiency gains. 
  • We create momentum among key stakeholder groups to promote novel, more effective ways of delivering healthcare with the added benefit of addressing rising cost pressures.