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Fujitsu is one of the five global partners of with a decade long collaboration relationship. Fujitsu is also an ISV, customer and reseller. Through a global practice and thought leadership, Fujitsu has since accomplished more than 350 projects with clients in the Fortune 500 companies. Fujitsu Asia is the ASEAN regional HQ offering licensing, consulting, workshops, roadmap planning, and implementation services in the region. is the enterprise cloud computing leader. Providing social and mobile cloud technologies including flagship sales and CRM applications to help companies connect with customers, partners, and employees in entirely new ways. is not only the leader in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) but also the leading Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Provider and Fujitsu specializes in helping customers solve business problem on the Platform. The cloud computing platform is the fastest way to get from idea to app. All built on enterprise class cloud computing infrastructure.

What is cloud computing?

Everyone is talking about “the cloud”. But what does it mean?

Business applications are moving to the cloud. It is not just a fad—the shift from traditional software models to the Internet has steadily gained momentum over the last 10 years. Looking ahead, the next decade of cloud computing promises new ways to collaborate everywhere, through mobile devices.

Life before cloud computing

Traditional business applications have always been very complicated and expensive. The amount and variety of hardware and software required to run them are daunting. You need a whole team of experts to install, configure, test, run, secure, and update them.

When you multiply this effort across dozens or hundreds of apps, it’s easy to see why the biggest companies with the best IT departments are not getting the apps they need. Small and mid-sized businesses don’t stand a chance.

Cloud computing: a better way

With cloud computing, you eliminate those headaches because you are not managing hardware and software—that is the responsibility of an experienced vendor like The shared infrastructure means it works like a utility: You only pay for what you need. Upgrades are automatic and scaling up or down is easy.

Cloud-based apps can be up and running in days or weeks, and they cost less. With a cloud app, you just open a browser, log in, customize the app, and start using it.

Businesses are running all kinds of apps in the cloud, like customer relationship management (CRM), HR, accounting, and much more. Some of the world’s largest companies moved their applications to the cloud with after rigorously testing the security and reliability of our infrastructure.

As cloud computing grows in popularity, thousands of companies are simply rebranding their non-cloud products and services as “cloud computing”. Always dig deeper when evaluating cloud offerings and keep in mind that if you have to buy and manage hardware and software, what you are looking at is not really cloud computing but a false cloud.

Cloud 2: Mobility and collaboration

The latest innovations in cloud computing are making our business applications even more mobile and collaborative, similar to popular consumer apps like Facebook and Twitter. As consumers, we now expect that the information we care about will be pushed to us in real time, and business applications in the cloud are heading in that direction as well. With Cloud 2, keeping up with your work is as easy as keeping up with your personal life on Facebook.

 How Fujitsu Can Help

Cloud Packages
Jump start your adoption with our fixed priced packages.

Demonstration to your needs
Fujitsu will come to you and provide a quick demonstration of our Cloud Packages or the cloud platform.

 Curious? Trial a cloud package for  Free.

Free Trial
Try out your desired cloud package for free. Contact us to receive your 30 days free trial.

Join us for a Workshop on building your app in a Cloud Platform
You are invited to participate in our recurring workshop to learn how to build an application on the Platform.
Prefer us to come to you? The Fujitsu team will bring the workshop to your company and we’ll collaborate on a solution to your chosen IT or business challenge.

 Unique Business

Custom Quote for Your Unique Business
Need a customized solution? Fujitsu understands that business challenges can be unique to your business. Let us know your requirements and we will propose a custom quote for your unique business and challenges.