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FUJITSU Enterprise Application PRO-NES


“PRO-NES” is top share manufacturing solution
for SME market (segment of under 500 million USD turnover) and
proud of more than 1,800 installations in Asia.

Customer Benefits

PRO-NES provides solutions and visualization to the customer by its market proven best practice process and know-how.

Functions for various operation style
- SEIBAN, KANBAN, MRP, import-export, material supply, drop shipment and direct PO issue from SO, PRO-NES provides contemporary business

Functions enforce your governance
- IT general control and SO-PO-Sales-Purchase process, PRO-NES provides necessary support functions for you governance.

Strong support to your global operation
- Multiple currency, multiple foreign exchange rates and international trade functions are all standard.
- Multi-language support for Japanese, English, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese. (optional) by dynamic language change function.
- Functions for ASEAN GST and integration to Chinese accounting system (Yong You / Jin Die).

Support for group companies
- PRO-NES is able to process business data of multiple group companies by sharing one center server system.
- SO-PO and delivery-accept data exchange function is ready among group companies.

What is PRO-NES?

PRO-NES is the ERP solution integrates production site and management including sales, production, costing and financial modules.
PRO-NES provides support to “Seamless operation”, “Integrated information” and “Visualization” of your business activity.

Covering wide range of industries
Plant: pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, paint, and lubricant
Food: beverages, frozen foods, additives, and sweets
Assembly: machinery, electric/electronic products
Processing: automobile parts, metal processing, and plastic molding , and steel coils


Why Fujitsu?

- Fujitsu supports visualization & data sharing of production operation and high quality production, endorsed by wealth of experience in IT solution provider and development support to Japanese manufacturer, together with edge IT technology.

- “PRO-NES” is top share manufacturing solution for SME market (segment of under 500 million USD turnover) and proud of more than 1,800 installations in Asia and Japan. PRO-NES is solution to bridge the production site and management and evolves itself hand in had with customer’s business development.

- Fujitsu provides global grade PRO-NES support organization based in Asia and China. Fujitsu provides total support from hardware, software to service and strong support to the globalization of customer business.

- Fujitsu provides Internet Data Center (IDC), hardware, professional service and dedicated support. We are confident of our quick and flexible capability and always support solutions to customer.

Case Study

Customer Company A (annual sales of 20.4 billion yen; manufacturer of excimer lasers for semiconductor lithography)
Customer’s requirements Renovation of the company’s IT platform to acquire the largest market share globally Creation of a system designed to support internal controls and improvement of business operation processes
Challenges 1) The company shares its accounting system with its parent company and cannot maintain independence or confidentiality of its financial and accounting information.
2) The production management system and accounting system are not linked with each other; data is manually transported from one system to the other.
3) The company aims to reduce the amount of time required to analyze cost changes resulting from design changes, which are made frequently, as well as to increase the accuracy of cost calculations.
Results 1) The new system contributes much to speed up the operation, enhance information security and support internal controls.
2) The new system makes easy to search for and retrieve data of manufacturing costs from the accounting system. New system makes it possible to perform a quick and detailed analysis of data (e.g., cost differences by product and by product version).
3) The new system quickly provides accurate information on cost changes. By ONE MASTER control of Bill Of Materials, parent-child relationships between different parts, the cost change by product design change automatically reflects other related parts value.
Customer Company B (annual sales of 2.4 billion year, manufacturer of precision products for electronic devices (solenoids, clutches, motors, hydraulic pressure parts, etc.))
Customer’s requirements Creation of a factory having a high level of productivity by visualizing manufacturing processes
Establish information platform for quick decision making for improvement
Challenges 1) Production instructions are given by sales staff and purchase order information is created from data of accepted sales order. As a result, many useless products are produced and kept in stock. -> Process need to be improved.
2) Develop a system for clear and shared ONE MASTER control of sales order information to control manufacturing processes.
3) Create efficient usage of information (e.g., by visualizing management and developing improvement indicators) in order to formulate management strategies.
Results 1) The new system automatically generates order placement information based on data of orders received together with production plans made by manufacturing staff after considering actual workload. The system has equalized workloads and greatly improved productivity.
2) The new system enables visualization of manufacturing processes, by accelerating the speed of identification of problems and decision making.
3) The new system has established a platform for strategic information application, like visualizing management data and developing key performance indicators.

Strong support capability to the Customer

PRO-NES has the product specialized Support Center in Beijing and Kuala Lumpur.
PRO-NES are providing high quality support to the Customer through Fujitsu overseas sales companies.


GHS (Global Hub for Solutions)

Fujitsu Systems West (FWEST), who has developed distributed PRO-NES, has launched “Global Hub for Solutions (GHS)” on July 2013 in ASEAN, for further improvement of the support quality and End-user's satisfaction.
FWEST will roll out GHS to China and other region sequentially.

System Environment

OS/middleware Minimum requirement of Pro-nes V30L20 Remarks
Server OS Windows Server 2008 R2
Standard Edition / Enterprise Edition
Client OS Windows(R) 7 (*1)
.NET Framework 4.0
Visual Studio 2012
Excel 2007 / 2010 (*2)
Oracle 11gR2
Adobe Reader XI
Crystal Reports Developer Version for Microsoft Visual Studio Sp5
*1 : For Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8, announcement is made after official announcement by 3rd parties (Oracle・SAP e.g.).
*2 : For Excel 2013, Pro-nes supports on next version or later.