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Fujitsu Begins Education Support System Trial in Indonesia

System to use tablets to contribute to improved academic ability for young adults in Indonesia, which has the largest population in Southeast Asia

Tokyo, Japan and Jakarta,Indonesia, November 07, 2016 –Fujitsu Limited and PT. Fujitsu Indonesia today announced that they will hold a trial of an education support system using tablets at the SMA Negeri 74 Jakarta high school from November 7 through December 23, 2016.
In this trial, teachers and students will make use of the FUJITSU Tablet ARROWS Tab Q704/H tablets in classes, as well as the Fujitsu Education Solution K-12 Learning Information Utilization System V1 Chietama. Using the Chietama solution, teachers can easily prepare materials for lessons using ICT, and can also use such information as automatically stored lesson records and student learning records to further improve students’ academic abilities. In addition, because students can share their various answers and creations on the tablet screens, the system improves students’ active participation in lessons and their teamwork when working in groups. The companies will validate the effectiveness of this education solution, which has already produced results in Japan and Thailand, through this trial in the front lines of education in Indonesia.
This initiative was launched by Fujitsu Indonesia with the cooperation of the Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Indonesia, which is a non-governmental organization (NGO) aimed at improving the capabilities of students in Indonesia.


Indonesia has the largest population in Southeast Asia at over 250 million people, and about 40% of that population is under the age of 18. In order to improve the capabilities and educational standards of these young people, the Jakarta Department of Education and the GPF launched a program called the Character & Creativity Initiative (CCI) at 12 high schools, including SMA Negeri 74, in August of 2015. Under this program, a variety of initiatives have been undertaken, such as work experience programs, in order to improve the students’ “character”, relating to their initiative, teamwork, and communication ability, and their “creativity,” relating to their innovative sensibility and problem solving ability.

Since 2014, Fujitsu has provided the Chietama solution in Japan, and in 2015 began offering it in Thailand. Now, through this first trial of Chietama solution in Indonesia, after demonstrating the effectiveness of education using ICT, Fujitsu will contribute to increasing academic ability in Indonesia, which has about 50 million students from elementary school through high school, and about three million teachers.

Students taking part in the field trial at SMA Negeri 74 Jakarta high school Students taking part in the field trial at SMA Negeri 74 Jakarta high school
Photo:Students taking part in the field trial at SMA Negeri 74 Jakarta high school

Trial Summary

1. Trial Location
SMA Negeri 74 Jakarta High School (number of students: 737)

2. Trial Period
November 7 – December 23, 2016

3. System Structure
ARROWS Tab Q704/H enterprise tablets – 2 for teachers, 18 for students
“Chietama solution” learning information utilization system for tablet

4. System Summary
1) Improving lesson experience and achieving collaborative learning

Teachers can easily prepare lessons using ICT by just dragging and dropping the data for the materials they plan to use on a schedule in the Chietama system. In addition, because information on the teaching materials used and video of the writing on the blackboard are automatically stored, and information such as the date and subject being taught are automatically attached, teachers can use this lesson record data to analyze their lessons. Moreover, because teachers can search each student’s records from beginning school till graduation, and visualize their growth process, it can also be useful in education customized to the individual student.

In addition, by having bi-directional communication with teachers on the tablet screens, students can not only participate in lessons as though being taught in a one-on-one teaching environment, they can also share other students’ answers and work, which can lead to education from a more multifaceted viewpoint and improvements in teamwork in group learning.

2) Training for ICT support staff

Based on the knowledge gained from the Learning Project of Tomorrow (*1), Fujitsu also carried out training for the school’s ICT support staff. By having the ICT support staff help students and teachers learn how to use the system, they are supporting the digitalization of lessons, such that the school can hope to achieve ongoing utilization of ICT going forward.

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Glossary and Notes

1. Learning Project of Tomorrow: A project in which Fujitsu loaned all the devices and software necessary for lessons using ICT to six elementary and middle schools, five in five different regions in Japan and one in the ASEAN region, to support the development of schools and learning suited to the 21st century.

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Date: 07 November, 2016
City: Tokyo, Japan and Jakarta,Indonesia